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Situated in a fertile tropical landscape in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a mosaic of diversity and culture. Thailand is now firmly committed to multiparty participatory democracy. The land of a thousand smiles! Bangkok hotel and room reservation information. Thai money, currency, shopping, climate, transportation, government, Thai cousin.

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Situated in a fruitful, lush rainforest countryside in the centre of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a tessellation of variety and cultur. Thailand's more than 60 million inhabitants are connected to Buddhism and the monarchy. This is a land that is proud of its sovereignty, its wealth of inheritance and its traditions, but it has also adjusted to and responded to the fast pace of globalisation.

In spite of temporary policy changes, Thailand's social situation has stayed steady thanks to the continued existence and satisfactory functioning of the monarchy and the country's strong democratisation engagement. Today Thailand is strongly engaged in multiparty participative democratic parties. Thais from all spheres of their lives, at all echelons, are becoming more and more involved in government and enjoy the freedoms and privileges associated with it.

Contemporary Thailand is developing a democratic system founded on good government, the Rule of Justice, respect for fundamental freedoms, openness and responsibility that would result in sustained growth. Thailand has a vibrant economic system - an open, market-oriented, privately run one that is fully embedded in the world business. Thailand's strategically located, virtually at the interface between South and East Asia, is more than just a popular travel spot, it is the gate to a burgeoning population of nearly 600 million.

Thailand attracts more and more investment thanks to its strong local and international network, first-class transportation, high caliber manpower and business-friendly location. Whilst Thailand has embarked on modernisation and industrialisation along the road of the imaginative economics, farming has long been an important part of the Kingdom of Thailand's economic activity and has committed itself to an "outward-looking" external policies.

ASEAN is a founder member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and will continue to help make ASEAN an ASEAN-based society by 2015. It has also played an active part in the worldwide intergovernmental movement, in particular at the United Nation, where it has been supporting multinational endeavours to foster indigenous peoples' prosperity, peacefulness and steadfastness, as well as respect for mankind, man and people.

It is also a leading player in establishing links between Asia's provincial organisations and other provincial organisations. Open, lively and varied community, equipped with a wealth of culture and untouched nature, Thailand is a land of smiles and a land of opportunities awaiting to be discovered. Located in the centre of continental Asia, Thailand covers 513,115 square kilometers 1,620 kilometers from N ortheast to SE and 775 kilometers from E ast to W eth.

It is bordered to the north by the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Union of Myanmar, to the east by the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand, to the west by the Union of Myanmar and the Indian Ocean and to the South by Malaysia. Thai banner: Thailand's banner, which is solemnly hoisted every day in every city and every small hamlet, consists of five stripes of pink, black and azure.

Harmonious designs express the complementary character of these three columns of the Thai people. In 2015, 65,729,098 people will be living in Thailand, more than 10 million of them in the country's capitol Bangkok. Thai is the country's native and offical languages, while English is widely used in the large towns, especially in Bangkok and in the world of work.

Goverment and office are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30. Thailand's Federal Reserve Board is the Republic of Thailand. Thailand's most important merchant banking institutions are Bangkok Banka, Siam Industrial Banka, Krung Thai Banka, Thai Farmers Banka and Thai Military Banka. A number of multinational financial institutions also have branches in Thailand.

The default monetary value is Baht. Bangkok has over 100 wireless channels. The broadcast takes place in Thailand and England, whereby the messages are sent hourly. In Bangkok there are over 20 Thailand mornings papers. The Bangkok Post and The Nation are two large English-language daily papers. There are also many large multinational papers, journals and textbooks.

We have 6 general TV channels broadcasting vaudeville shows, news programmes and broadcasts of specialist shows. There are many health centres and hospital facilities in Bangkok to meet a wide range of needs. Large state and privately owned infirmaries are fitted with state-of-the-art medtech equipment and international experts. Provisions for foreign visitors to Thailand:

Foreigners who visit Thailand must have either passport or acceptable passport and visa prior to entry.

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