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Thirty-Five Thailand facts

Surprising Thailand (and beautiful seaside resorts)! The only south-east Asian country that has never been colonized by a European country. Thai's name in the Thai language is Prathet Thai, which means "land of the free". A country in Southeast Asia. Its official name is the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly called Siam.

Thailand facts | Interesting facts about Thailand

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There are 33 funny and interesting facts about Thailand that will amaze you

The countless temptations of Thailand cannot be denied. The beach, jungle, towns, spice - this realm of intrigues provides never-ending discoveries in terms of civilization, natural beauty and historical heritage. In order to help you get to know Thailand a little better, we have used our vast amount of local expertise to help you exchange some of our favourite things about the area.

Thailand has several thousand small and large offshore isles, two dozens of which are open to frequent travellers. A lot of Islandhopping travellers find an isle from which they no longer want to jump and settle down, which is why you will find on almost all of Thailand's bigger isles, wholesome export comunities.

The fact is also that in 1895 the French invaded the Chanthaburi and Trat counties on the border with Cambodia and returned them to Thailand in return for the west of Cambodia. Through the cooperation with the Britons and the French (among other things by awarding property concessions) he assisted to protect the nation from invasions.

Thailand is the world's largest exporting orchids. Yes, they are inexpensive and widespread, so you can enjoy your passion for new flowers while you are in the outdoors. Buddhism in Thailand contains hinduism and indigenous folk and animation features, which is why Buddhist shrines are seen throughout the land for hindus, "magical" charms, prayers tattoos and ghostbuildings.

Big towns in Thailand are more or less arranged in a pattern, with even soos on one side of a street and oddly numerated ones on the other, which aids in trying to nav. Probably we don't have to tell you that, but Thailand cuisine is one of the most delicious in the kitchen.

From barbecue spits and roasted grills to iced biscuits and hot chocolate bananas - even plenty of liquid is provided by using just the right amount of fruits, sodas and tapas. Refrigerators use purified bottled waters and deliver them to companies in various shapes - dice, ingots and small barrels of different sizing.

Sellers who use icecream in dairy teas or sodas have purchased it from your shop because it is just not effective to make their own icecream from mains running hotter. In this sense, you should not use mains running taps - in the whole of Thailand you can buy cheap bottle sodas without any problems. Thailand is home to the biggest of them all - the Netzpython.

They are not poisonous, but they can - and do - slip into people's possession and occasionally devour their hens. Good tidings are that you probably won't see any on your trips in Thailand, except the uneven road sell images with them ( "which is unlawful, so avoid).

Lopburi, just outside Bangkok, has a Khmer sanctuary - Phra Prang Sam Yod - where a thousand crab-eating macaque animals are roaming free. Only for a little while. Muang Tai" - "Land of Tai", where "Tai" is the term for "free man" (as in "no serf").

Siam was formally re-named the Kingdom of Thailand on 11 May 1949. Prathet Thai" is the official Thai name for the land. Many Thais are supersticious, which means that many a weird madness has captured the land in the name of happiness. Songkran, Thailand's New Year, will be celebrating with a lot of national celebration from April 12th to 15th.

Whilst the New Year' s rites are profoundly festive, the most celebrated is the "water feature", in which natives, tourists, rich, rich, poor, young and old are equally involved in wars. This is the development of the benediction of the waters, a Buddhistic happiness ceremony that methaphorically cleanses away the old year's sin in preparing for the new.

It is Thailand?s happiest season - a great season for travelers who don?t bother getting soaked. Thailand has a jungle, oceans, rivers and sky full of astonishing game. It is home to the smallest of mammals - the bumblebees - and the biggest of them - the cetaceans. When traveling to one of Thailand's isles, you'll probably come across Tokyo geckoes that have an unmistakable reputation and are beloved and abhorred by the people.

Below on Koh Phangan next to Koh Samui the Haad Rin beaches rise every months with the famed Full Moon Party. In Thailand, the Monarchie is so much appreciated that it is sheltered by strict reading majestic law. You will experience this kingdom-wide affection of the King's kingdom - profiles of the most important kings are all over the land, the King's hymn is performed twice a daily in the train station of Bangkok and a brief video devoted to the King is shown before each one.

Respectfully handle your Thai Bhut because it wears the face of the deceased and popular King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thailand is a great place to enjoy your passion for scuba and even receive your scuba certification. Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea and part of Similan National Park are among the top 10 divesites in the word due to their variety and richness.

Because of the monsun, the island is only open from mid-October to mid-May and is not well-designed because of its safe harbour conditions, although there are many liveaboards and daily excursions from Phuket, Khao Lak or Ranong. It is common in Thailand for young people to live for some period as Novitiate friars in the area.

Their stay there can range from a few week to several years, and grown men can always come back as a temporary noviciate friar. Noviciate friars abide by 10 rules, not the 227 that are respected by full-fledged friars. They are taught attentiveness and contemplation as well as literacy, writings and worldly themes in the Shrine.

During your trip to Thailand you will probably want to see some churches, so here are some things you should know. They should be worn with slippers, because you have to take them off every single day you go in. When you enter the door of the sanctuary, walk over it. The Thai template Tattoos called'sak yant' has become popular with travellers and expatriates from the West, perhaps because of the exposition Angelina Jolie-Pitt brings with her.

They can do an Ayarn or even a resident Tattoo Store, an authentically looking sakyant with a shiny needles or regular Tattool maker, or you can go to Wat Bang Phra, which is the major shrine where the friars do it. They' ll take your questions if you know what to ask for, otherwise they'll give you a nine peak or five line Ha Thayev, which are two of your base starting stampattoos.

To call a Thai man a bull, a European Lion or simply an insect is the most serious slander. Buffaloes are considered stupid (although in fact they are much valued, high-priced goods in country communities) and the name of an animal or watermonitor indicates that they are an uncultivated being.

It' not a good idea to offend someone on holiday in Thailand. When you like a show, Thailand offers a variety of possibilities to suit every tast. If you' re in sport, you should make it to a muai thai game. It' truely the case that many Thai wildlife parks and safari sites do not offer the perfect environment for their animals, but there are some famous places known for their work.

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and Phuket Elephant Sanctuary are two organisations that take charge of ex-logging and road elephant or go to a luxury jungles campsite where you can communicate with the elephant while you sleep in comfort. When you plan to become a bums on the beaches, you should be conscious that Samui, Phangan and Tao have a different time of the year.

This is not the case on the west side of the Thai Gulf, where in December and January deluge-like rainfalls hit the Samui, Phangan and Tao isles. On the other hand, these three archipelagos have quite good conditions for the remainder of the year, without the long monsoons of the Andaman coastline. Indeed, if comfort were gauged by comfort shops, Thailand would be up there with Japan.

Practical for running cold drinks, cash (they always have ATMs), sunscreen, handkerchiefs, hot dogs and toasts, the spread of grocery shops in Thailand might make you wonder how you ever got home again. When traveling with a sweet child outside the big city, especially if they have big black eye or frizzy head, you and your child can find the theme of snuggling and/or photographing.

Domestic as well as multinational soccer is great in Thailand. You will find that taxi driver who listen to matches and masses of people gathering around televisions in a restaurant whenever there is a game.

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