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The first time in Phuket Thailand and I only speak English. Find out all about jobs teaching English in Thailand, including employment conditions and TEFL certification. Educating English abroad will be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you and your new students! With ASEAN opening many doors in Thailand and the region, the need to learn English in Thailand has increased. To stay longer in Thailand and teach abroad, you must have native English language skills, a TEFL certificate and a university degree.

For the first Egyptian experience in Thailand and I only spoke English - Message Board Phoket

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Completed with a four-year diploma and certified according to the German Technical Diploma (TEFL), English lessons for mother-tongue teachers (& skilled non-native speakers) are held in May and November. The majority of employment in Thailand is found in official government or privat school, which teaches kids or young people. It is possible to give lessons in large municipalities such as Bangkok in privately owned Spanish classes for kids, young grown-ups or adult and businessmen, and there are also some places in smaller Thai municipalities throughout the state.

Most of the English lessons in Thailand are face-to-face, while some are done in advanced by telephone or Skype. Tuition fees are usually paid by English language trainers in Thailand. Accommodation is usually very reasonable and many English language professionals in Thailand are sharing accommodation with other English language professionals.

As a rule, the agreements last 5 to 12 weeks with job offers that are available for both businesses and schoolchildren. Instructors of English usually use a non-B immigrant visa. An ample income offers those who teaches English in Thailand the possibility to lead a pleasant life style while at the same time conserving the $200-$400 US equiv. per monthly.

The English school in Thailand offers about 20 to 25 lessons of work per weeks, so there is a lot of free travelling and exploring to do. A lot of English trainers earn additional cash by tutoring English on-line. Usually, a four-year Bachelor's diploma and of course a Temporary English Certificate are necessary to be able to teach English in Thailand.

Instructors who plan to give lessons in Thailand are also obliged to get a proper back-up cheque. Important towns for English lessons in Thailand are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya. Find out more about the 4-week courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand. What can we do to help you in your English lessons in Thailand? Our courses are available at 25 international offices and schools around the world.

Each year we have more than 5,000 certified English teachers from all areas of our lives, and our alumni educate English in 80 different languages around the world. Each ITA student and graduate receives a lifelong global job search.

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