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Destinations in Thailand

Discover what the best destinations in Thailand are, awarded by millions of real travelers. This frenetic Thai capital is a must for all tastes, with a dazzling array of sights and activities. In Krabi Province are some of Thailand's most famous beach destinations, and Railay is the best of the best. Thailand, with sixteen million foreigners flying into the country every year, is Asia's most important destination and offers a variety of sights. Throughout the year Thailand is also a destination, because when one part is wet, another is always dry.

Top 15 Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has something for everyone, from sandy and mountainous areas to wildlife reserves, bustling urban areas and charming little town. These are some of the best places around the Land of Smiles you can put on your Thailand Buckets page. Thailand's frantic capitol is a must for all tastes, with a glittering range of sights and activities.

There are busy stores, uncommon swimming pools and huge museums, and the restaurant landscape is just as varied, from extravagant gastronomic establishments to lavish road meals. The night is as much entertainment as the rest of the night, with vibrant night clubs, lively nightlife, chic bar cocktails, unbelievable roof tops, exhilarating shows and nail-biting Muay Thai-fighting.

Chiang Mai is often described as the North' capitol and provides an exhilarating mix of cultural and natural attractions. The Chiang Mai Night Zoo will enchant kids and grown-ups equally, and activity ranges from walking in the luxuriant jungle to river-raping. Drive to Thailand's highest point at Doi Inthanon, encounter ethnical mountain people, visit many breathtaking falls and interoperate with beautiful Elephant in an ethically protected area.

You will find many relaxing pubs and the overnight bar is a top place for shopping. Thailand's biggest isle and one of the country's most visited destinations, Phuket has many faces. Newcomers to the sport come to the pressing sand of Patong, an area known for its rich evening life and many aquatic activities, but there are beautiful sandy areas to cater for all tastes.

Take a ferry to picturesque Freedom Beach, relax on Karon Beach, take in the view from Kathu Beach and much more. Entertaining Phuket offers world-class shows, exciting Muay Thai matches, international food in a number of restaurants and nightclubs of all kinds. Hiking, go-karting, ethnic interaction with elephants, angling, snorkeling and jet-skiing are just some of the things you can try out, and Wat Chalong and Big Buddha are two of the island's most beloved places of culture.

Ayutthaya, one of Thailand's oldest towns, is a must for lovers of historical sites. As one of the most beloved regions in southern Thailand, Krabi provides a plethora of great adventures both on the land and on the isles. Often referred to as one of Thailand's most scenic islets, take a look at Maya Bay and Phi Phi Phi Point to see why.

A more relaxed place with long sand dunes, quiet seaside pubs, mangrove trees and a Moken town. The Koh Jum and Koh Rok are just some of the smaller and less frequented pearls of the area. Ao Nang is a busy seaside town and Krabi Town has a relaxed atmosphere.

Mae Hong Son, a secluded and hilly region in northern Thailand, borders Myanmar. Pai is the province's major attraction, a favourite place for lovers of the outdoors and those seeking relaxation. Formerly a favourite hippy meeting place, the Pai-canon, the region boasts plenty of opportunities for walking and having a good time strolling along the rivers.

Away from the masses, you' ll find relatively quiet sandy shores, untouched falls and luxuriant woods, and you'll see that the notorious celebration spot offers much more than just a bucket of cocktails and fluorescent colours. There is a great place to buy delicious Thailand cuisine at great prices and there are many culinary academies where you can study how to prepare your favorite cuisine.

Kanchanaburi is situated in western Thailand along the Burma frontier and offers a unique blend of nature and wars. Leave the well-worn paths and drive northwards towards Sangkhlaburi to see another side of Thailand. Sukhothai, another of Thailand's old capital cities, has magnificent remains in various states of conservation.

The locations are scattered throughout the town, making it relatively simple to find tranquil, evocative places to be enjoyed almost alone. One of the most sought-after islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is appealing to everyone from family and honeymooner to backpacker and single-adventurer. Lovely sands like Chaweng, Lamai and Mae Nam encircle the islands and you can see the old fishermen town of Bophut.

One of the main tourist destinations of Nakhon Ratchasima is the large UNESCO-listed Khao Yai National Park. It is one of the most sought-after nature reserves in Thailand, from magnificent falls and lush fauna to walking paths of various length and degrees of difficulties, breathtaking vistas and quiet camping sites. It is also home to one of Thailand's most prominent temples: the magnificent Wat Ban Rai in the Khun Thot District.

Stuffed and encircled by colorful and fanciful works of art, the template is constructed like an animal and is located on its own small man-made isle. Though Pattaya, Thailand's self-proclaimed "city of sin", is not for everyone, the wide range of funny things to see and do makes it worth a place on this census.

Whilst most folks associates Pattaya with its infamous Walking Street and many go-go pubs, there is much to be enjoyed without gaining a foothold in the mature areas. First, the shore. This may not be Thailand's most beautiful sandy spot, but it is beautiful enough for a few sunny and sandy nights.

Several beautiful offshore islets with even more beautiful sand and snorkeling. Visit Thailand's most important sights in Mini Siam, have a good time in Art in Paradise, buy at the Pattaya Swimming Market, experience the thrill of Gibbon, be enchanted by Ripley's Believe It Or Not and step into a winterly miracle at FROST Magical Ice of Siam.

Situated off the shimmering Andaman Sea off the shores of Phang Nga province, the Similan islets are among the best dive and snorkel spots in Thailand. Angling is also favoured around the island, which in itself is already appealing with thick woods, interesting cliffs, and scenic whitish sands.

Please be aware that the archipelago is usually open to the public between mid-May and mid-October. Chiang Rai is located in northern Thailand and is bordered by Myanmar and Laos. It is a provincial region that provides great walking and walking opportunities and more genuine meetings with indigenous mountain people.

There are also a number of attractions including cascades and waterfalls. In Chiang Rai is also one of Thailand's most striking Temple - the shining white temple, formally named Wat Rong Khun. Visiting the biggest sculpture of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy, and walking through a magnificent series of Thai heritage sites on Baan Dam or in the Black House.

Situated on a fairly large off the Trat coastline, Koh Chang has everything a good place needs... sandbeach, luxuriant jungles, waterfall cascades, plenty of animals, rising hills and a variety of outdoor pursuits to explore. One of the best are Hat Khlong Phrao, Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach.

Cruises to the neighbouring isles, Kh Kut and Kh Mak are favourite and a Thai tradition is a good way to relax after an active days. It is an isle, where shellfish are tasty and tasty, but there is also a large choice of dishes for different people.

You will find first-class luxurious hotels, as well as bungalow beaches and backpackers' residences, where everyone will find their perfect place to stay.

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