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However, the process is with the current and visibility under water is already much better. Elo Muskhus sends team to Thailand to help with cave rescue : Bloomberg. Uncover the history of Thailand. You can browse the latest New York Times news and extensive historical coverage of Thailand here. Scuba divers are looking for missing tourists in the water off Thailand.

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A small Thai city joins forces behind the quest to rescue its young two week later and with a local fatality. The saviours have arrived at the young soccer club in a Thai cavern, but their torture is not over yet. As the rain continues to flood, the water quickly closes the windows to get the young prisoners out of the cavern.

You know those Chilean colliers? They sent a note to the Thai Cavemen.

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It is a competition against the clock, because on Sunday there will be violent rainstorms. The first two footballers are likely to make it out today, at best. It' still a hard course through a maze of passages, with plenty of scuba and rock-limbing. However, the flow is with the flow and the underwater view is already much better.

They don't have to swimm much, they have an air masks and are almost always held by one of the diver. And then there is 1.5 kilometres of rock climbs.


Former Navy Seal Petty Officer 1. grade death of the 13 men captured in the Tham Luang Caves, the corpse of former Navy Seal Petty Officer 1. grade Saman Gunan, becomes the Sattahip Navy bases in.... On his way home to Roi Et, the corpse of the speleologist and former Seal Gunan Seal is praised for his unselfish commitment to the rescue of the captured football players.

} ); } google.maps.event.event.addDomListener(window,'load', initialize); A former army diver passed away after he ran out of air while helping to save 12 cubs and their soccer trainer in a caves in Thailand, says an officion.

Thailand saviours swear to free 12 youngsters and their soccer trainer from a flood covered cavern as a new tape was made showing the crew in a good mood after disappearing nine short days after their amazing break. The Pheeraphat Sompiengjai familiy still has a surprise tart in the refrigerator awaiting his homecoming, as the detection of the lost kid and his soccer crew in a Thailand cavern gives the relative pleasure but desperation at the long lifesaving.

A man has passed away and tens of Chinesers stay lost after a ship keeled over off the Thai isle of Phuket, officers say, acknowledging that the salvation was abandoned for the evening..... Saviours who have arrived at a group of kids imprisoned in a flood-covered Thai den say that it was simple to find them; freeing the youth will be the true battle.

Emergency crews in the north of Thailand gave crashworthy swim and dive classes as part of the preparation to pull out a young football team that is caught in a cavern and wants to end a terrible 11-day-torture.

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