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Thailand, known until 1932 as the Kingdom of Siam, is one of the most permanent monarchs in the hemisphere and the only south-east Asia country that has never seen colonisation in Europe. However, since the 1932 reforms, Thailand's 76 counties have gone through decade-long unstable times, with the army trying 19 in 80 years, 12 of which have been a success.

Thailand's armed forces took back full command of a deep split in May 2014 after Yingluck Shinawatra, PM, and nine cabintainers were removed from the country's constitutional court. The National Legislative Assembly appointed General Prayuth Chan-ocha Premier and sealed the purchase of almost total force by the armed forces until August 2014.

In spite of turbulence internally, Thailand is fully involved in local and global issues, has helped rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq and is a US bi-lateral trade counterpart, one of its biggest investment partners alongside Japan and China. Thailand's administration is a founder member of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a politically and economically oriented alliance that aims to accelerate the pace of global economy and inequalities.

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At the 6th TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, four Indians have won four triumphs, one of them a golden one. The wrestler Dalmiya won the 60kg class by beating the Azerbaijani Muhammad Sahan in the finals with 4-1 points. Upwind Singh: He won the 80 kg class after being beaten in the finals by Muhammad Alim from Azerbaijan with 1-5 points.

After beating Lithuanian Oleg 5-2 points, Naveen Kumar won the 90 kg class in the Bronzemedal. To win the heavy weight by beating Mustafa Sultani from Afghanistan with 3-1 points. Aarti Chaudhari (29), Vishruti Waghmare (16) and Siddhi Jadhav (10) also won three golden awards in Jeet Kune-do, a type of fighting art.

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