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At the turn of the last millennium, Thailand's metamorphosed dramatically in its politics, its army, its schools and the world of business. Following a Japanese battleground in 1941, Thailand joined Japan and declaring passive wars against Britain and the United States. In the aftermath of World war two Thailand became an associate of the USA after Japan's loss.

Thailand is currently confronted with weapons of power in its three most southern Muslim majorities, but it is working closely with Malaysia to monitor the spread of terror. On 19 September 2006, Thaksin Shinawatra became the leader of a temporary regime after the dissolution of the MP. A few months later, however, a bloody coup d'état was unleashed when Thaksin went to a UN reunion in New York City and a People' s Power Party-led civil rule was re-established in December 2007.

Thailand's unbelievable scenic beauties, the remains and remnants of its old past and innumerable rides, such as Phuket Island and kilometres of pristine sandy beach, have made this tropical country one of the most sought after travel spots in all of Asia. Which kind of government does Thailand have?

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Thailand is an atypical country in the center of the Indochina in Southeast Asia. Famous for its unbelievable natural beauties, the country can be subdivided into four geographic areas - the woods and hills of the northern part, the semi-dry farmlands of the northeastern plateaus, the paddy paddies of the main plain and the long peninsular shoreline to the souther.

Thailand also has a number of offshore archipelagos, the most popular of which is Phuket. Khlipe is a small islet about 70 km south-west of Thailand in the Andaman Sea near the Malayan-borders.

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