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populace Thailand has about 68 million inhabitants, of which about 8 to 10 million are living in the capitol Bangkok. Approximately 78 per cent of the Thai people, but each region has its own dialects and traditions. The Chinese make up 11 per cent of the Chinese people and are the overwhelming bulk of traders and financiers.

It is home to the most southern province, the Malay peoples, who make up about 3.5 per cent of the country's total populace. Despite the assumption of many North Americans, the mountain tribes make up only a small part of Thailand's total nationalities. One of the most reliable properties of the Thai environment is its temperature and moisture. Whilst many new arrivals cannot look beyond these elements, it is possible to differentiate between three different times of the year in large parts of the country.

Seasonal conditions are dominated by a series of cumulative cyclones and occasionally large winds blowing through the country. Sunshine in central, northern and northeastern Thailand takes place from June to October. The south-eastern areas have a "tropical rainforest climate" with low fluctuations in temperatures and rainfall throughout the year.

Thailand is a constituent state. The country is subdivided for administration purpose into seventy-three Changvat (provinces), which are further subdivided into Amphhoe ( "districts"), Tambou (subdistricts) and Muubou (villages). The Buddhism is the dominant religious system in Thailand: about 95 per cent of the Thais practice Buddhism. All over the country.

Thailand's main local currencies are the Balt (Baht).

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