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Full day Floating Market and Bike Tour. Tour Ayutthaya with return. Day trip to Khao Yai National Park. Full day visit to the elephant park with lunch. Half-day visit to Doi Suthep & Meo Hill Tribe.

Thailand's Best Travel Places - Travellers' Choice Awards

Recreational attractions in stunning rainbows of tropical lakes..... The rainbows of the island offer a wide range of scenic destinations, from stunning beaches with beautiful beaches and beautiful beaches, from beautiful beaches with beautiful beaches and beautiful beaches to beautiful archipelago. Tuk Tuks, taxi, bus and long drawn-out boat carry the visitor between these wonders. The Koh Phi Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and Patong Beach are favourite places.

Thailand's Top 10 Sights

The choice from the many sights in Thailand can be discouraging, especially if you only have a brief stay in the state. It is not for nothing that Thailand attracts more than 20 million annual foreign visitors: The state has a great deal to boast! Oh, and Thailand can be a very cheap traveler.

Take advantage of this handy guide to Thailand to create a route for your dreams come true in the simplest of Southeast Asian countries. Thailand's northerly capitol has a very different atmosphere than Bangkok. A little bit colder climate from the leafy hill tops and many touristic activity will increase the number of people.

Chiang Mai has been the home of a large group of business people and performers, always drawn to the atmosphere and kindness that you can feel in the South. Attempt to visit Chiang Mai on a week-end to take full benefit of the road market, each taking place on Saturday and Sunday in a different place.

Chiang Mai's vibrant nocturnal scene is not nearly as wild as Bangkok or the island scene, but there are opportunities. Coming from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is simple. A few good reason to visit Chiang Mai: Encircled by hills and lush countryside, Pai is enjoying fresh eruption than Chiang Mai, and live is moving more slowly than in the big metro.

Strangely enough, the backpacker night life is better in Pai than in Chiang Mai! When you have enough experience, take a motorcycle in Chiang Mai, point it northwards, and have a nice ride to Pai. A few good reason to visit Pai: Although you might want to keep your foot on the floor, the lime rocks rising out of the sea offer an amazing landscape often seen on Thailand pictures.

A few good reason to visit Railay: Ayutthaya is only a brief two-hour rail journey from Bangkok and was the old Siamese capitol for 417 years before it was looted by Myanmar invasion and later brought to Bangkok. Originally established in 1350, Ayutthaya was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the many ruined temples in the town.

Filled with archaeology, Ayutthaya is probably the next thing to an Angkor Wat that can be found in Thailand. A few good reason to visit Ayutthaya: Just two and a half hour from Bangkok by coach and situated on the banks of the Kwai River, Kanchanaburi is a great place to get away from the hectic city.

Kamchanaburi has much WWII story. It is home to the most celebrated railway line built as part of the "Death Railway" between Bangkok and Rangoon (now Yangon). It was made a name for itself in the film The River Kwai Bridges, based on the novel. Kanchanaburi has a number of interesting monuments and wonderful nature reserves with waterfall swims, making it a favourite with lovers of warmongering and backpacking.

A few good reason to visit Kanchanaburi: Thailand is a country with beautiful isles of all shapes and forms, both in the Andaman Sea (western side) and the Gulf of Thailand. Even though technical islets are not the best place for true culture to interact - or to shop cheaply - they are a necessary complement to any holiday in Thailand.

A few good reason to visit the Thai islands: Though not the biggest or oldest of Thailand's natural reserves, Khao Sok is an unforgettable favourite for many people. Khao Sok was proclaimed the twenty-second Thailand Natural Reserve on December 22, 1980, and is a 739 square kilometre protected area in southern Thailand.

Well-known for its swimming bungalow and lakes. A few good reason to visit Khao Sok National Park: Mae Hong Son is situated in the northwestern part of Thailand near the Burma (Myanmar) frontier and is a rather calm city, which has mostly disappeared from the tourism radars. With Pai getting bigger and bigger just South of Mae Hong Son on Route 1095, Mae Hong Son is becoming an increasingly attractive option for travellers wanting to flee the masses.

A few good reason to visit Mae Hong Son: Situated to the north-east of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is an ever more attractive option to Chiang Mai for travellers who are interested in more Thailand and less travel. Though Chiang Rai has its part to play with tourism and emigration, there are many monasteries, monuments, markets as well as a number of art centres offering a real insight into the Northern Thailailand.

A few good reason to visit Chiang Rai: Isaan is a province with 20 counties in the north-east of Thailand on the border to Cambodia and Laos. Though Isaan is Thailand's biggest area, as elsewhere in Thailand, the tourist industry has not yet really taken off. Isaan' s guests are still welcome to meet local people who are pleased about them.

Isaan' s vernacular is actually more of a derivation of the Laotian rather than the Thai one, although it is still spelled in the Thai script. Isan is home to tasty meals that are different from other renowned Thai meals. More often, meals are eaten with gooey raw rices (khao niaow). A few good reason to visit Isan:

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