Thailand Cambodia Map

Cambodia Thailand Map

Cambodia map for the Thailand-Cambodia Motorcycle Expedition. Lower prices and fewer tourists make a trip to Laos and Cambodia even more rewarding. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a crazy and chaotic city! By the way, Cambodia only recognizes a map created by the French. Explore Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar & Borneo.

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Chart - Crossing: Bangkok - Siem Reap

Thailand: Thailand / Poipet, Cambodia crossing point: Bangkok to Siem Reap Cambodia route and Thai visa available at the frontier. 1 ) Directly between Bangkok and SIem Reap; 2) All-inclusive coach between Bangkok and SIem Reap, but transfer at the frontier; 3) Do-it-yourself by coach or cab and possibly rail.

1 ) Direct bus: One pass, one fare, no transfer at the frontier, although you still get off at the frontier and pass for visas, entry and customs control. Cost: $25-$30 (750B), without visas. 2 ) All-inclusive coach ticket: You have one ticketing, one fare, changes at the frontier, although you still get off at the frontier.

There are more departure times and all-inclusive coach fares are less expensive than the regular one. From Bangkok, take a coach or rail to Aranyaprathet. You can take the motorbike or tuk-tuk from Aranyaprathet to the frontier and from there take the ferry to the railway, where busses and taxes are waiting.

For $25-$30. (If you can get it, the cost locally is $25-$30.) 2.5-3 h. Laos/Dong Krolor Cambodia and Laos Visa available at the frontier. The Cambodia website is situated on the Mekong River in the Stung Treng region, opposite the area of Si Phan Don (â??s Islandsâ??) in Laos, where the very famous Don Det. island is located.

The journey between Siem Reap and the Lao frontier led to a 23-hour coach journey over Phnom Penh for years.

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