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Cavedrescue Thailand Latest news about imprisoned youngsters as save-loops | World | News

" It is a sign of the danger that the 12 captured youngsters can get away - none of them can go diving and many cannot do it. It was possible to keep the 13 in the caves until the flooding subsided at the end of the wet seasons in about four-month.

Find the latest news and the latest news here. They were supplied by scuba diving who transported 3.2 km of provisions inside the cavern. For almost two week, the young have not left the head start they are on. The local people provide the young with drinking and medical care, as the caverns are located in a secluded forrest.

However, Mr Ostottanakorn said he was uncertain whether the young could be contacted in this way. Although the gubernatorial has been teaching diving, he has said that the guys are not yet prepared and that they will not be saved, even if the monsoons start raining this night. Scuba diver who left the caves today told us that the young are well.

He also explained that the young have "already learned" how to scuba and that any plans to save them will be put to the test first. Asked why the escape effort is being postponed when the guys know how to go diving, the guv: "I don't know: "We' re expecting the first two footballers to make it out today, at best.

However, the flow is with the flow and the underwater view is already much better. "They also don't have to swimm much, they have an air masks with them and are almost always held by one of the scuba diver. Chiang Rai's Governor and the Thai Minister of the Interior are due at the sanctuary shortly to discuss the ambulance work.

Thai-navy SEAL' SEAL leader Rear Admiral Aphakorn Yoo-kongkaew said the amount of air in the cavern had fallen to 15 percent. There is a serious danger of hypoxia which means that it is too risky to abandon the young for much longer, despite the dangers associated with trying to get them out. Neighbors of the young, some of whom have been camping on the site for a few months, say they only want the safe way out for their cubs.

"I' m concerned.... he never dived," said Somboon Kaewwongwan, the dad of a 16-year-old kid who' s imprisoned in the caves. Juveniles cannot swimm but are familiarized with the scuba gear to free them - but the possibility of submerging them is considered dangerous, to say the least.

It was planned to bore into the caves from above. Her work over the Tham Luang den near Thailand's north Myanmar frontier was given additional priority as predictions for rains were threatening a scheme to return the young to the mouth of the caves through narrow, water-filled corridors. We', said Thanes Weerasiri, Chairman of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, Reuters in a temporary volunteer and medial warehouse near the cavern.

06 o'clock: What are the actual saving possibilities? The other way would be to find another way into their chambers, e.g. to drill a well into the cavern from the wooded uphill. It was about 1. 5km from the mouth of the caves when the cataclysm hit and killed despite his five buddy's attempts to resuscitate him.

Narongsak Osotthanakorn, provincial governor, said the task was "a competition against the water". One Chilean coal-man, who was imprisoned for 69 whole subterranean dives in 2010, said that the campaign to save the young Thai soccer players will "undoubtedly" be a great achievement. Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: This is a 64pm update: What are the possibilities to save the team?

It took more than six hour to get from the cave entry to the young, given the winding canals from the Cave. Neither of the young can go diving or diving, and so they receive elementary courses in diving when they need to get out of the Caverns. Nine-two-seven: Have the guys been able to talk to their family?

They tried to take a cell telephone into the cavern, but the pocket that held the telephone was broken. There is a discussion about how to run a wire through the waters into the cavern so that the young can talk to their fearful mothers. 00:00 Update: The junior football club is in a dangerous situation because of the monsun time.

At the moment it is in Thailand that monsoons, a period in which precipitation is increasing at an exponential rate. 100pm update: How far do the guys have to go to get away? It' s Monsoon in Thailand and strong rain is predicted for this week-end. Thirty ppm update: Why does it take so long to save the guys?

According to the emergency services, the young must go diving at least once before reaching a T-junction three kilometres inland. Several of the young are unable to swimm, which has led emergency services to try alternate rescuing techniques such as pumpin' rain out of the Caverns. In the last few workdays there has been a drought, but a rainy season is predicted for Sunday, which could pose a greater threat to the young prisoners if the level of the waters continues to soar.

Governor Chiang Rai Narongsak Osotthanakorn said they were "going against the water". To date, some 128 million liters of cave waters have been drawn and the level has fallen by 1.5 cm per hours. Saviours have made a 1.5 mile area in the caverns from the cave door.

Forty-five minutes update: What should you do if you get bogged down in a caves? Not one of the young can swimm or scuba dip and the caves are still largely inundated.

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