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Beach Resorts Thailand

"Everything you'd expect from a luxurious beach resort. It is hard to talk about Thai beaches and ignore Phuket. The Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa in Loh Pared Beach offers comfortable accommodation. Are you looking for the best beach resorts to sit back and relax in Thailand? Deluxe beach resorts in Thailand:

Best Beach Resorts in Thailand

but it is also home to some unbelievably deluxe seaside resorts. Whether it' s home beach or trees, full-service spa or endless swimming pool, Thailand's unique beach resorts are a world away from the wood chalets you're used to in the Land of Smiles. No matter if you have been saving for a vacation of your dreams or a single or two nights of luxuries, here are the seaside resorts you want to have.

Situated on the picturesque Koh Samui isle, the Four Seasons has a secluded beach, cozy rooms and a swimmingpool overlooking a stunning blue sands. It is certainly one of the best hotel on the whole coast with shady, comfortably furnished seats to admire the area.

The InterContinental is definitely one of the most beautiful in Hua Hin with breathtaking rooms, several pubs and shops and even a few links to the nearest course. Situated in a privileged position on the beach, visitors can await a breath of indulgence while sipping a cocktail on the beach or enjoying the comfortable bedding around the breathtaking pools.

It is probably the most beatiful of all Thai counties, and Phulay Bay embodies all this splendour in its city. The breathtaking inflinity swimming pools offer the guest a classical Krabi view of the dark purple ocean and the peaks that rise under the swell.

It is beautifully designed, and combines traditional Thai style with distinctive elements such as the stonewall well. Situated on the beach, visitors can take full benefit of the beach cabins and spend their paradise in a state of luxury happiness. Kood Koh is one of Thailand's most scenic and the Soneva Kiri Estate goes all the way to do justice to this splendor.

It is the epitome of a luxurious resort with its unrivalled amenities and environmental friendliness; beautiful, contemporary wood rooms and mansions located between the luxuriant vegetation of the rain forest and the clear water of the beach. There is an unrivalled panoramic views of the cove and the top of the trees offer a magnificent panoramic tour of the entire majestic site you are in.

Directly on the magnificent beach of Phuket lies the magnificent Twinpalms resor. And as if the beach with its lovely blue waters were enough, visitors can also take advantage of the lovely palm-fringed outside swimming pools and comfortable sitting areas around it. Rooms are minimum and tidy, personnel are thoughtful and alert and with three local dining areas and a full-service spas it should be on the shortlist of anyone looking for a luxurious beach resorts in Phuket.

With a beautiful inflinity swimmingpool and a sea view, V Villas is all you could wish for in a beachfront and more. Having a brief stroll to the beach, a local pub and a full spaservice, the only difficulty you will have is to find a good time.

Rayavadee is located on the edge of the Krabi National Marine Park and is one of the most original and secluded accommodations in southern Thailand. Every room has generous outdoor light, with either floor-to-ceiling or large twin door lights that provide one of the most beautiful panoramas in the state.

There are several internatinal awards, so spend at least one of the nights in Rayavaadee to see what the whole hoopla is about. There is nothing screaming for sophistication like a beach and a roof patio, and that's what you'll find in Banyan Tree Samui.

There are several first-class facilities at the resort, from the many local pubs and dining facilities and spas to indoors and outdoors swimming pool, you won't find a better furnished resort in Thailand, not to mention Koh Samui. It is no wonder that so many visitors spend a beautiful evening in paradise with beautiful rooms that offer a breathtaking view of the beach and the cove.

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