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Large hotels offer basic postal services on their premises. Its official name: Kingdom of Thailand. ( a) Basic information on social security in Thailand, with particular emphasis on. Basic information about UGIB is not available in Thailand. Further information on the basic requirements for applying for a visa can be found here.

Thailand is a realm!

Thailand is a realm! That I learned when I was in Thailand for the first a year. All men respect the Heir. You will see images of the Kings and Queens all over the land, e.g. in stores, houses, along the roads, in cabs and so on.

Thailand is officially named the Kingdom of Thailand. The Thai word is PRATHETH Thai. PATHETT: (Prathet means country). Until 1939 the land was named "Siam" and then re-named "Prathet Thai" or "Thailand". From 1945 to 1949, however, it was again re-named "Siam", and on 11 May 1949 again "Thailand".

"Thai" means "free", so "Thailand" means "land of the free". "It must express its proudness that Thailand is the only nation that has never been colonised in Southeast Asia, while other surrounding nations have been colonised by Britain and France. - Adulyady the Great Bhumibol.

His Majesty has supported all areas of the land since his accession (it is said that more than 3,000 Kingly Project have been launched), especially isolated areas in need of assistance. The picture comes from the Ayuttaya plant of Queen Sirikit. The kings are much appreciated by all and sundry.

Images of the Kings and Queens can be seen all over the land, e.g. in stores, houses, along the roads, in cabs and so on. Concerning the kings, see the corresponding pages as follows: Thailand's present nationally ensign was adopted on 28 September 1917 (B. E.2460) by Rama VI (King Vajiravudh).

The Thai nation ensign is the Thong Trairong; it has a central striped pattern with up and down striped areas of orange and orange. Thailand's empire.

At weekdays the Swiss nationally ensign is hoisted at 8.00 a.m. and dropped at 6.00 p.m. in places, office buildings and school buildings, usually with the Thai nationwide mantra. Thailand's anthems are performed in Thai courts, on TV or at 8:00 in the mornings and 6:00 in the evenings.

When you listen to this tune in Thailand, stop until the tune is over. Popularly known as " BKK ". On Thai it is Krung Thep (means "The town of the angels"). This long name means "The town of the angel, the great town, the everlasting town of jewels, the imprequerable town of Indra, the great capitol of the Indra people, the great metropolis of the earth equipped with nine valuable jewels, the fortunate town, rich in a gigantic royal palace resembling the celestial residence where the born-again governs a town given by Indra and erected by Vishnukam" from Wikipedia over Bangkok.

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