Thailand areas to Visit

Areas to visit in Thailand

Situated in a beautiful ancient temple (see Wat Rong Khun), this northern town is a gateway to the surrounding area. Bangkok has many sights and each has its own charm. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a lively city also known for its nightlife. It is full of breathtaking places and beautiful islands and has slowly but surely become a popular destination in Thailand. Astonishing places in exotic Thailand.

Thailand's 15 most scenic sights

One of the world's most visited travel destination, it is no mystery that Thailand has some truly stunning places to visit. The first pictures that come to many people's minds are sandy whitewater shores and palms, but Thailand also includes exotic woods, mist-covered hills and impressive old memorials. Service & Activities:

Mtmosphere:: Explore a jungles reservation in the south of Thailand, through the fog of the dawn or walking the suburbs, or take part in a series of guiding excursions such as cave exploration or rock climbs to find exceptional views in the western Andaman Ocean, which can only be reached by ferry from the major island of Koh Similan.

Whilst Koh Bon's jagged coast and sandy beach offers an unbelievable landscape, the major attractions of the archipelago lie beneath the top. There are unbelievable sea creatures in the nearby water, such as magnificent mantas, eaglet ray and various types of sharks. Service & Activities: Heartbeat along the Lao frontier.

The visitor comes to a picturesque basic settlement with a 750-metre long hike to the top of the Mt. It is not particularly demanding, but it is also possible to organise transportation to the top. Its undisputed splendour is revealed at dawn when the view spreads out over a deep ocean of nebula and misty water that rises among the meandering affluents of the Mekong River Pool into vast meadows with a thousand different species of flora and other indigenous wildlife.

It is a favourite with Thai locals, and it is common for Thai kids to be singing folk tunes in hilltribe costumes at sunrise. Service & Activities: Mtmosphere:: The Emerald Lake, known as the Golden Basin, one of Ang Thong's most unbelievable miracles of nature, is a breathtaking, calm lake that is linked to the ocean by subterranean passages and encircled by tragic marl.

Service & Activities: Mtmosphere:: Service & Activities: The best time is during the drought period from January to April, when the rocks are formed by erosion from sinking wells. This area is rich in superstitions that have been affected by indigenous legend, among them regard for the characteristic, dog-head-shaped stones that inspire many sagas about the canyons.

Service & Activities: Mtmosphere: Tribal archeologists have found prehistoric earthenware and caskets in the whole area. The visitor can discover the underground magical world of the cavern with the help of the river Nam Lang, an IV river, between huge ghostlike caverns and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Service & Activities: Ambience: .

One of two on the small Koh Phayam islet, itself one of Thailand's best-kept mysteries, with tired insular hippers, from nocturnal beachside partying and car parks for taxis omnipresent for other brands' attractions. Service & Activities: Ambience: in the province of Krabi. The natural path from the beginning of Hang Nak Hill is about 3.7 km to the summit, with several vantage points and water falls that accompany the trip through the thick woods - to the summit at 565 m above sealevel and offer the visitor a wide view of the surroundings and the seas.

Service & Activities: and Bangkok's serrated skin behind it. Service & Activities: Ambience: . A 15-minute stroll along the shore leads to its historic lookout point, which overlooks the tortuous sandy beaches and the northern end of Koh Tao near by. Su - Sa: Services & Activities:

Ambience: to occupy yourself with the elephant in their native surroundings, to swim, to play and of course to eat a lot! Service & Activities: The Khmer Empire's impact on Thailand's contemporary landscape was carefully preserved by the Thai Ministry of Art for over 17 years. Su - Sa: Services & Activities:

Mtmosphere:: Manufactured from limestone in conjunction with other mineral elements, these mystical nature towers, which have shaped the "Stonehenge of Thailand", are a reminder of the windy foothills of areas such as the south-west of the United States, which are bordered on all sides by huge squares with colorful beads. Service & Activities: Mtmosphere::

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