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Thailand is currently one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Many different ones: sitting, golden, white, lying, standing, wooden, etc. Its best-known is Wat Pho in Bangkok, the white one in Phuket and the sitting one in Koh Samui. How can you experience the best of Thailand's culture, holy sites and beaches better than with our specially selected packages? Saying that Thailand is average would be like saying'travel is garbage' and'we hate going on holiday'.

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Chiang Mai gets a little smokey every March when the peasants are burning their land. Make sure you are wearing a hardhat when you are on a motorcycle or motorcycle, as you will be fined by your municipal authority if you are found without a hardhat. Enjoy the barter at your favourite market and keep smiling as you are probably bargaining for 5c.

Avoid drinking the drinking soda and make sure that you have not manipulated them. Respect your own cultural heritage, such as taking off your footwear when entering a church or home.

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand has worked with leading non-life companies; Muang Thai Insurances, Chao Phaya Insurances, Siam City Insurances and Krungthai Panich Insurances are pleased to provide "special travel insurances exclusive for overseas tourists" that travel to Thailand in the shape of an on-line policy that is comfortable and provides immediate cover.

In addition, the contract will be sent immediately after the on-line payments to the insured's e-mail address. Premiums start at 650 Baht and the highest amount of cover is 1,000,000 Baht with full cover inclusive of accidents, travel cancellations, luggage / property losses or damages, lodging charges in case of closing of the international airports, 24-hour help by Allianz Global Aid.

The insurance protection for each journey begins when the insured person enters Thailand (identity card or passport control) and continues until the insured person exits the country (identity card or passport control). You can choose between an individually tailored travel insurance scheme or an annuity insurance scheme. Up to 60 nights per journey in both personal and yearly insurance plans.

In the event that you are able to assert a right against a person in connection with a lost or reimbursed amount and you do not receive the full amount of your right, we will compensate for the balance. For any questions, please see our Travel Reimbursement FAQ. Entry: people in possession of a passport who are subject to thorough migration.

What do I have to do to get travel health care? You can find these numbers on your certificate of health cover and also on our page Contacts. Is it possible to buy more than one travel cover for the same journey? No. You can only be insured by ONE travel cover. What is the term of the contract?

Cover is based on the chosen term of cover, which begins at the beginning of the journey to Thailand and ends after leaving Thailand, but for a total of 60 working nights per journey. How high is the cover for the annuity insurances?

It is for one traveler who goes to Thailand more than 1 year. There is a 60-day limit per journey, but the number of trips to Thailand is not restricted. Is it possible for a foreign national to take out this type of health care after arrival in Thailand? It is only valid for tourists who have taken out travel health insurances before travelling to Thailand.

So when the policyholder arrives in Thailand, he or she has taken out the policy. Buying and covering are void. Is it possible for a foreign national who is a resident of Thailand to take out this type of cover? Foreigners with domicile in Thailand are not entitled to take out this policy and the cover is void. Is it possible for a Thai citizen who is abroad to take out this policy before travelling to Thailand?

Thais residing abroad are entitled to take out this policy, provided that such a policy must be taken out prior to travel to Thailand and the policy is valid for up to 60 consecutive nights per outing. In the event that the client does not carry out the operation, please directly approach the company offering the policy: Muangthai Insurances PLC.

Síam City Insurance PLC. The Krungthai Panich Insurance PLC.

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