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Lodging in Thailand is widespread and ranges from backpacker bungalows on the beach to some of the best luxury hotels in the world. If you are looking for affordable options or want to let off steam, a family-friendly accommodation or a romantic trip, Thailand has it all. Some of the best beach hotels and accommodation in the world at a great price. Tips for accommodation and transportation in Thailand make it easy for you to see the sights and leave the beaten tracks. Explore the best hotels in Thailand, including Pak-Up Hostel, Iniala Beach House, Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm.

Thailand Accommodation

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This is how to find accommodation in Thailand

Thais are an imaginative crowd of people who decorate guesthouses, lodges and chalets where no one else would think they would match - or be upstanding. So, if there is one thing you can remove from your worry lists when you travel in Thailand, it is the search for accommodation. In Thailand, I urge everyone to get off a flight, ferry, taxi or coach and not to end up with an overnight accommodation.

City-style accommodation is hostels or backpackers' guest houses, and bungalows are available on the island and shores. For as little as 1.50 per person per day you get a simple room or a seaside cottage with washbasin. When I say simple, I mean a cot and four partitions.

You can choose a room with a net over your bedside and possibly a stool or handcotch holder in the room's quad. For a fancy 4 you could even get an en-suite for the nig. Usually you get paid the next day after every single overnight you stay.

Homestays do exactly what it says on the can - they remain in a local's house and have dinner together every evening. You' re sure to get a good dinner every evening. We had two doublerooms and one singleroom and we were paying about 300 bahts each (about 5,50) per overnight rate.

The Kanchanaburi is a popular stopover on the backpackers path, with the notorious Kwai riverbank and its swimming-bedroom. At the V.N. Guesthouse we were set down, went into the entrance area and soon realized that we were at half height of a forest on the bank of the canal. Then we had to bargain for some wooden boards that were half sunk in the sea to get to a swimming cottage where the sleeping rooms were.

Sleeping on the Kwai River and shaking up and down every night a little when a ferry passed by was quite surf. At this opportunity some of my boyfriends and I were already queuing up to live with a half-finished host family that was somehow selling us on the trip by a crazy Englishwoman who was assisting in running them.

But I wasn't even sure - the noise without a bed, power or flowing waters and queues jumping out of the bathroom worried me a bit. However, my friends thought it was funny, so we made a cabbie take us there - without understanding why he just had to be pushed and bitten - until we pushed down an almost perpendicular hillside of pits, silt and shingles to come to a standstill in front of a wood framed building with a net for wall hanging on a roof.

You' ll be amazed to know that we've been there for almost two week - the longest time we've ever lived in the same place during our entirejourney. In the evening we would gather around olive lights to play tickets and get hammered with white biscuits.

Hanging my dresses on a twig of flotsam, showering with a pot and a cob, I skilfully shunned intimate meetings with serpents in the bath. This is what you have to remember - keep your head open when someone proposes an accommodation that may sound a little out of the ordinary, because it can turn out to be a unique one.

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