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The Phuket Visa Run to Ranong, Thai Visa Run to Ranong, Phuket Visa Run to Burma. When you come to Thailand and want to prolong your vacation by one or two weeks, you can do a so named "Phuket Border Run". Phuket's nearest town is our Phuket Visa Boarder Run to Ranong/Myanmar. Visa Ranong Trip Details: We' ll drive directly to Ranong and take you to the Thailand Immigration Office, which is near the dock.

As soon as you get your pass stamps, we drive to the jetty and take our Phuket Visa Run to Burma/Myanmar/Ferrand. In Myanmar we will take your visa directly to INS and you will be summoned to collect it when you are available. It will only take a few moments, then we get back on the barge and drive back to Ranong.

As soon as we arrive back at the harbour in the city of Yangon, you will go directly to the Thai immigration office and receive a new 2 week arrivals ticket to prolong your trip to Thailand. Use the Thai Visa Run to Yanong for your Thai Toursit Visa, THAI VISA RUN - MMUKET TO MMULECHEDULE:):

Thailand Best Visa Applications and Embassies in Asia

The majority of foreign visitors can enter Thailand without a visa and receive a "visa exemption" on arriving, which guarantees a 30-day residence in the host nation (note, this is something other than a "Thai visa on arrival", which non-western nations may need). For longer visits to Thailand, however, it may be necessary to apply for a Thai visa before arriving, at least this is the more intelligent long-term choice.

Usually a Thailand tourist visa works best because it is the only way for most Thai travellers to get to Thailand and there are 60 days in Thailand (2 months) and up to 90 days with an extra period (3 months). However, visa applications should be made before arriving outside Thailand by Thai consulates located in most large capitals of the rich.

Here I would like to divide some of the best visa choices for those traveling in Thailand or Asia by my own experience with probably hundred of visa cancels and 3 different kinds of visa in the last 15 years. I have had a great deal to do with Thai visa races and visa requests.

However, it is still best to find out about all Thai visa notices. The majority of Thai consulates and consulates will be similar in visa requests (at least in visa runs in Asia), where it usually lasts 2 working nights until you hand in your visa and your visa request documentation the first day and collect it the following afternoons ((although this may not always be the case).

All Thai visa requests should be filled in on week days (as Thai consulates are closing on weekends) and they will also be closing on Thai bank and Thai bankhours. All over Asia, the necessary documentation for a Thai tourist visa is similar, but it is best to verify the various consulates before traveling or applying for a visa.

Please note: You can find the visa request for Thailand on the respective web pages of the Thai consulate, but normally I simply fill it in in the office building, where it is distributed free of charge. Apart from that, Thai tourist visas and documentation are listed below: About 1500 baht minimum. However, Thai visa charges vary slightly between missions, which has more to do with how the money is received, although the charge does.

In the Thai Embassy in Penang (Malaysia) the visa charge is 150RM, in the Royal Thai Consulate in Ho Chi Minh 40 US$ and in the Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane (Laos) 1,000 Thai Baht. Therefore, please make sure to verify the details of your Thai visa application before you travel.

I am a Thai citizen and have a million baht in Thailand, but I still come with a Thai touristic visa because I am traveling a heap. Thailand visa requests are now more stringent than ever. Though I would be concerned about those who come to Thailand on less than 20,000 baht.

Unlike in the past, however, it is no longer advisable to use visa exemption postmarks to get to Thailand. Since it was once easy to pass the borders to neighboring lands and then come back for a 30-day visa stamping on your comeback. For longer stay it is therefore best to obtain a Thai touristic visa at Thai consulates or embassies abroad, where the average Thai touristic visa is 60 nights in Thailand, with the (total 90 days).

This means traveling to major capitals in neighboring states, spending a day or two to have the visa handled at the embassy, which is best when Thai consulates are shut on Saturdays and Sundays. As an alternative, if you are already in Thailand with a 30-day visa-free visa (or other Thai visa), it is possible to prolong your visa for 30 days at the Thai migration authorities.

I' ve done this a lot of times in Bangkok (visa renewal in Bangkok Guides here) as well as in the local migration authorities (like here). Recently I have been residing near the border of Laos and Cambodia, but I still use Penang for my Thai visa circulations, which is mainly because it is stress-free and simple and has the least complication.

This is also the only Thai frontier where no visa is required for entering the country. For the trip to Penang the night from Bangkok to Butterworth (1,2oo Baht each way) is my normal trip (see above video), which is a relaxing and pleasant one (at least for me).

There will be a short stop at the boarder for the pass from Thailand to Malaysia before continuing to Butterworth. To Penang Island from Butterworth the ferry is almost free and from the harbour of destination I would run to Chulia Street and the Unesco area of Georgetown.

It is the ideal place to sit back for a few nights with inexpensive accommodation, great dining and trusted agents doing the footwork for the Thai visa request. Also, travel agents will be less expensive (about 200 Baht) than a taxi to and from the Thai Ambassador. for the Penang Thai Visa).

The flight generally starts at about 1,600 Baht (as in the Skyscanner at the bottom of the page), but I will be real and say 3,000 Baht back. As Malaysia does not require an entrance visa, this will often be less expensive than any other crossing. I' d really be staying anywhere, maybe KLCC area and Petronas Towers (for the view) or Bukit Bintang (for the meal / Jalan Alor), then the next stop to the Thai embassy (206 Jalan Ampang). would be Ampang Park LRT.

It is still a good 10-minute stroll, and the visa office is usually occupied and sweating, so a cab can be the better choice. The less known Thai visa run is very similar to the Vientiane visa run, but it is done by coach (and of course the winning run is always the train).

However, the trouble is that there is very little to do in Savannakhet (here is how I beat the clock to death), so Vientiane is definitely the more thrilling choice for the Thai visa run. Await about 800 Baht each way and 1,500 Baht for the Laos visa fee (our full visa expertise here).

Here, too, there will be an extra journey by coach from the Mukdahan coach terminal to the Thai frontier. After waiting for your visa to Laos at the boarder you have to continue by Tuk-Tuk to Savannakhet. Whilst many go with Savan Vegas Hotel & Casino for the nights where agent are offering to organize the visa for you, it is also found outside the city.

It is likely that the consular office will be empty and the request will only take a few moments. In Savannakhet, visa requests for the tougher Thai visa (in my case the wedding visa) are usually more effective. These two are made up as they both sometimes have similar rates, and I like both, and while Vietnam has been lower in the past because of its overcharged visa charges, this has recently been changing for some happy countries (including us British) after the visa waiver was implemented last year in 2015.

That means that no visa is required for a stay of up to 15 nights. Until now, and if you are not from the liberated lands, a tourism visa must be arranged in advanced (fill in here online). Vietnam visa usually involves a $20 handling charge before full VISA fees are paid on your return for an additional $25.

Therefore, visa charges to Vietnam will be $45 (1,500 Baht). In that case, the lowest fares, as shown below, are about 2,100 Baht. However, a more reasonable amount for a flight would be 3,500 Baht. If it is Hanoi (embassy of Hanoi here) or Ho Chi Minh (embassy of HCM here) depends on what is less expensive, otherwise it is difficult to decide between the two.

You can find our guideline for applying for a visa for Ho Chi Minh here. It would be a relatively basic Thai visa if it were not for the Myanmar visa. Contrary to the Lao or Cambodia visa, which is available upon your arrivals, Myanmar visa must be pre-arranged (our VISA request guideline for Myanmar here).

Since there are no comfortable long-distance air lanes to the Thai consulates, the best or only way to get to Yangon is to take a flight to Yangon, which is unexpectedly the only town with a Thai embassy. However, it can be relatively inexpensive for travel and occasionally there are less than 2,000 Baht to Yangon (round trip). Adding the Myanmar VISA 810 Baht, the total trip is around 3,310 Baht.

Myanmar's other issue is that housing is usually expensive (hotel listing here). Chinatown area, in downtown Yangon, is one of the better areas to remain, and then just take a low-cost cab (a few dollars) to the Royal Thai Embassy on Pyay Road for the Thai VISA use.

For me it' s great and if you've never been before, this should really be at the top of the Thai VISA running world. It is certainly more thrilling than Savannakhet, and since no VISA is required for travel, and promotional fligths often go for around 2,500 Baht, it can also be less expensive.

Remark, Tigerair are usually good from Suvarnabhumi and my last tour came in at 3,000 Baht, which is again cheaper. But to be real again, I will put an anticipated airfare of 3,500 Baht. But the accomodation and pretty much everything is much more than any of these other Thai VISA-towns.

It is located in the prestigious Orchard Road commercial area ( "370 Orchard Road"), just 5 minutes walking distance from Orchard MRT stop. Had there been an embassy or Chinese diplomatic mission in Siem Reap (and Angkor Wat shown below), I would consider a Thai VISA run to Cambodia, but the only Thai diplomatic mission is in Phnom Penh, so no.

It is a highly corrupted land and even the VISA use in Phnom Penh can be inaccurate. But considering that Phnom Penh is one of the nearest Thai VISA Run destination in Bangkok, air travel is never really bargain. Like Skyscanner and AirAsia below, both show connections to Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia to be less expensive throughout.

So, taking departures at 4,000 returns and the 1,000 Baht ($30) VISA on arriving in Cambodia, and it is an expensively trip. However, the Kambodian frontiers can well be used for fast entry at the frontier (for another 30-day VISA-free stay) and in my less intelligent day I would go to Poipet every months and go back to Bangkok that evening.

This was a horrible wastage, made each month with a Cambodia Visa charge of about 1,200 - 1,500 Baht (depending on how corrupted they felt during the day). Hongkong is an unlikely choice, but this is an example of how my Thai VISA works. Since there is a Thai Ambassador, every target is a possible Thai VISA Run.

Again, looking at the Skyscanner option below, Hong Kong air travel sometimes comes in at less than 4,000 Baht. Anyway, a Thai VISA run to Hong Kong may seem ludicrous, but our last trip back was about 6,000 Baht, and unlike China, there is no need for a VISA to travel to Hong Kong.

Other than that, travelling in Hong Kong by MTR (or tram) is inexpensive and the destination is easily accessible from Fairmont House near the main train station. It' likely to be almost three times the price of less expensive option, like Penang, but it will add something new to the Thai VISA Run route. Notice: There is no Thai ambassador near Macau.

That is our "make it a vacation option" and to be honest I would rather buy 6,000 Baht for a not so far away Bali than a fast Thai VISA run to many of the above. Upon your check-in, an additional $25 VISA charge (these are the prices for Indonesia) and then the Thai Consulate is in the less frequented Denpasar (Jalan Puputan Niti Mandala Raya).

However, cabs are inexpensive and about 8,000 rupees (200 baht) from the airfield. I would rent the cab for the whole afternoon and, after using the VISA system, I would spend some free days on an itinerary. I would advise you to go to Ubud to the northern part, as most of the southern part is a big shithole for tourists.

In the long run, the cost of obtaining an offical visa will always be lower than the 30-day VISA-stamp. Touristic VISA', together with the 30-day prolongation, give you almost three additional weeks to get ready for your next outing. However, I came free with a visa this past few days, so I'm going to Penang next weekend for my familiar journey.

This is my cheaper Thai VISA run. After 3 moths we have already reserved low priced flight to Osaka Japan (about 8.005 Baht), from where we go to the Sapporo Ski School. My usual policy is to go to Skyscanner, scan every airport in Bangkok, choose the period in which my VISA runs and put the target "everywhere".

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