Thai Visa Requirements for Myanmar Citizens

Myanmar visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

Visas for foreigners in Thailand. Request your Thailand travel visa from us. Thai tourist visa required for US passport holders. If you travel to Thailand with a US passport, you will need a tourist visa. You have two options for obtaining a Thai visa:

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Visas are granted to those who wish to travel to the Kingdom for the purpose of tourists. They are not permitted to work or do commercial activities on a touristic visas. You can use a touristic visas for a period in Thailand of more than 30 and up to 60 nights and can be prolonged by 30 nights at the next immigration check.

Visas are required if a traveler is planning to remain in Thailand for a longer period of time for touristic reasons than is permitted upon entry under the exemptions, or if a traveler comes from a non-Thai nation. These visas are for those who wish to travel to Thailand for touristic reasons.

Visas are valid for three or six month. This means that you must use your visas within 90 or 180 working nights (depending on the number of entries). When arriving, travelers with this kind of visas may be in Thailand for a maximum of 30 or 60 nights.

Anyone wishing to remain longer or wishing to amend their passport permit must apply to the Office of Immigration Bureau in Soi Suan Plu, at South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel (662) 287-3101-10. Prolongation of residence and modification of a certain kind of visas is at the sole discretion of the immigration official.

Passportholders from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and the Palestinians are asked to submit their applications to the Thai Embassy/General Consulate where they have their place of residency (home country). People with passports who can travel to Thailand without a visa: Accommodation 15 = Can arrive 15 nights as a tourist (visa on arrival); 30 = Can arrive 30 nights as a tourist; 0 = Must obtain a prior visas before traveling to Thailand.

On entry, as justified by a touristic permit, the permit is issued for 60-day. Length of extension: Normally an overtime can be allowed for a maximum of 30 nights, unless mitigating conditions exist which would allow the foreigner to extend it for one year.

Normally, your tourist entry will be extended by another 7 nights. Please note: Citizens of Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Togo and Uganda can only be extended for another seven consecutive nights. The Ministry of the Interior has announced that citizens of some Member States may request passports from immigrant control points for a maximum of 15 working nights.

Claimants must present a means of transportation (fully fare-paying ticket) that can be used within 15 working day of import. The visa will be issued on arriving at 12 internationally recognised inspection points and the visa requestor must submit the visa request sheet, accompanied by his current photo (2 1/2 inches).

As a rule, a visitor who enters the Kingdom on arriving on a visit cannot apply for an extended period of residence, except in specific cases, such as sickness preventing him from traveling, etc.. There is a shortlist of Thai immigration checkpoints that allow visas to be issued on entry: Pursuant to the announcements of the Interior Ministers of 6 February B.E.2538 (1995) and 8 December B.E. 2541 (1998), and as of December 2002, pass holder from some states do not need a tourist entry visas for Thailand, if their residence in the Kingdom does not extend beyond 30 acres.

Also note that citizens with passports from some jurisdictions who wish to pursue certain occupations are asked to obtain a prior visas before they enter the Kingdom. If you enter without a valid entry permit, you can prolong your residence for another 10 nights. It is not possible to alter the visas to a nonimmigrant type visas.

Lists of States which have signed with Thailand exemptions from the requirement of visas for persons holding embassies or other officials' identity cards and which may be present for a maximum of 30 and 90 working nights. Pursuant to the Agreement on the abolition of the requirement of visas between Thailand and the Hong Kong SAR and between Thailand and the Macau SAR, all kinds of Thai passport, whether or not containing embassies, diplomats or officials, are exempt from the requirement to remain in the Hong Kong and Macau SARs for a maximum of 30 consecutive working day.

Citizens of a country that has a visum waiver agreement with Thailand and intends to work or reside in Thailand beyond the bilaterally concluded agreement must obtain a work or residence card before entering Thailand. Citizens of the country under the terms of bi-national treaties receive 30/90 working day at the international and/or onshore borders.

which now has a 30-day treaty with Thailand. You have to obtain a visas before entering Thailand. Such visas are granted to those wishing to travel to the Kingdom for the following purposes: Visas Dealings: Auxiliary documents: Visas: VAT: VAT: VAT: VAT: VAT: VAT: VAT: VAT: Any foreigner applying for a global touristic visas, even qualified foreigner applying for a visas on arriving at certain check points, are exempt from the 5 March to 4 June 2009 visas.

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