Thai Visa Requirements for Myanmar Citizens

Myanmar visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

Closed Monday to Friday and Thai and Burmese holidays:. The Khee and Ranong-Kawthaung still require a valid visa or a border passport. Comprehensive guide to tourist visa requirements in Thailand, application procedures and documentation. Passport holders requiring a visa can only apply for the visa in their country of travel or residence. This article provides general information about visiting Thailand (with visa information):

educational visa

Nonimmigrant visa ED may be issued to candidates wishing to complete a full-time training, work placement or other training programme in the Kingdom of Thailand. Valid for 90 day after submission of request. Persons holding a visa can apply to the Immigration Bureau of Thailand for an extended residence and re-entry visa after they have entered the Kingdom of Thailand.

Necessary documents: Letters from the Ministry of Education in Thailand or a cover note from your university. Letters from your Thai language institute, college or firm (original) - The letters must be on the school/company letterhead, must be duly authorised and must include a copy of the student or trade name.

The copy of the documentation must be duly authorised and sealed. In the case of non-formal classes, e.g. Thai culture and languages classes, all candidates must submit a certificate stating that the classes satisfy the following requirements: - Candidates must have a cover note from the organisation of the placement or workshop.

  • APPLICANT must have a cover note from the university where the candidate is registered. - Bidders must have a deed from the National Buddhist Office. - They will receive a Temple Recruitment or Meditation (Thamma Retreat) and must be countersigned by the Abbey with a copy of the testimony.

This is a criminal record issued by a local law enforcement agency and countersigned by an authorised policeman. If you are a student (under 18 years of age) registered for a full-time long-term course in Thailand, you are entitled to request an I-Visa. Necessary documentation is the same as the documentation used for non-immigrant ED visa plus wedding document and maternity record and evidence of an extra 500,000 Baht (or equivalent) inpayment to a per parental debit/credit.

It is not suitable for non-formal classes, e.g. Thai schooling. Relatives are not entitled to work in Thailand. Miscellaneous documents: Available from consular officials in supplement to the above mentioned documentation. The Consular official has the right to request further documentation or to conduct an interviewer without advance notification.

The applicant will not process your request and your request will be declined if the above mentioned processes are not complete. Standard visa process time: 1 working days.

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