Thai Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Myanmar citizens Thai visa

Myanmar passport holder living in the United States of America. Nigeria Visa Service for citizens of Nigeria residing in the United Kingdom. Burma : The Union of Myanmar Thailand Visa Services for Myanmar citizens residing in Singapore. Nigeria Visa Service for citizens of Nigeria residing in the United Arab Emirates. Visas for Thailand are physical stickers on one side of the passport.

Visa application guidelines

The following nationals need the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other competent Bangkok agencies and the visa application procedure takes about 4-6 weeks: The following conditions apply: 1) all Chinese nationals and 2) Taiwan (non-residents only).

310 Candidates of other nationality may authorize a proxy to submit an appointment on their behalf only ( (the proxy must have a power of attorney and a copy of his/her ID card). What is the visa time? The normal visa request procedure lasts 3-5 working day, whereby the applicant is notified when they have to collect their visa when applying.

There may be some exemptions, however, which may, for example, take longer to process: - Candidates must continue to be accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the competent Bangkok authority on the basis of their citizenship (4-6 weeks).

Application form(s) and photo(s): The majority of visa applications need 1 visa application and 1 photo, with the exception of citizens of the following countries: 2. Singapore's long-term passport: A copy of the applicant's long-term passport (e.g. Singapore Blue IC and Re-Entry Permit Forms 7 (for Singapore's Permanent Residents), Employment Passport, Personalised Employment Passport, S Passport, Work Permit, Entrance Passport, Training Employment Passport, Student Passport, Dependent Passport, Long Term Social Visits Passport or Professional Visits Pass), if any.

For a period of applicability of less than 2 month, a declaration from the sponsor (e.g. employer/marriage partner) is necessary. The Consular Section reserves the right to request further documentation without previous notification. In the event that the above proceedings are not concluded, the officer will not process your request.

Other than Thai or English language translations are required either into Thai or English and must be certified by the Thai Civil Law Notaries or the competent diplomatic/consular representations.

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