Thai Visa for Myanmar

Myanmar Thai Visa

Myanmar citizens resident in the United Arab Emirates. Myanmar citizens with residence in India. Myanmar citizens with residence in Germany. You can book this Thai Visa Run to Ranong online or call us: Myanmar citizens resident in Nigeria.

Myanmar Visa for Singapore resident Myanmar passportholder

Visas request form:. A fully filled out and duly stamped request sheet (do not duplicate). Please fill out this blanksheet and sign it in blue/black inks only. At least 6 month from the date of filing of the visa request and have at least two empty visa pages.

Identity photo: 3 Add a photograph with a blank backdrop taken within the last 6 month. Or you can add a picture to your order so we can send it to you for printing. A copy of the round-trip ticket or route with the full name of the passenger as it will appear on the pass.

It'?s a check. A copy of the applicant's current statements for the last 3 month with evidence of adequate cover (minimum $1000). It shall clearly state the name of the claimant as the accountholder, the balance of the balance and the date of the card. Advance approval. The Thai Embassy now requires preliminary approval before the visa request can be submitted to the embassy.

Multi-entry visa applicant. Multiple tourist visas are only issued to Singaporeans or long-term passport holders of Singapore. Multiple-entry tourist visa seekers must submit the following: - A copy of a validated travel hotel/reservation for the forthcoming Thailand journey containing the applicant's name.

On a Thai visa run in Yangon Myanmar

Filling out a Thai visa in Yangon Myanmar is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure. Located just 30 min cab drive from the international airports with airlines from Chiang Mai and Bangkok and the town. It is more pleasant than night busses and long trips to Laos and Penang. Yangon is also a great town with many interesting places of interest.

This could be summarized as a pleasant visa run. You will need a visa to travel to Myanmar before applying for your Thai visa in Yangon Myanmar. It is very simple to achieve, as the E visa can be applied for on-line via the country's website. Complete the following sheet and send us a clear photograph.

Tourists visa allows you to remain in the U.S. for up to 28 nights and will cost $50 US$ about 1500 Thai Baht. Processing of the visa takes up to 3 working day. If your e-visa request has been accepted, a letter of approval will be sent to the e-mail addresses you provide.

As an alternative, Chiang Mai has a visa application office in Myanmar and Bangkok. From Bangkok and Chiang Mai you can take a flight. My flight was directly from Chiang Mai with Myanmar National Airlines. When you arrive at the airfield, take your permit certificate to Myanmar Department of Homeland Security, where your visa will be stamped for entry into Myanmar.

While in Yangon, I was staying at the very comfortable Summit Parkview Hospital. There was a good value for money and perfect location near the embassy (5 minutes walk), it was also very near other rides like the Shwedagon Pagoda (a must if you are here).

You will drive to the Thai Embassy in the mornings. About 15 Myanmarers and I (the only foreigner) waited there. It took 5 mins to complete the use. Send in your resume and start paying $40USD. Be sure to keep it and keep it secure as you will need it to collect your pass the next working days.

On the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon it says that you should have the following with you when you apply for a visa: On the next morning you will head back to the Thai Embassy and await its opening. Had to come at 1:30 pm and got my pass back on the 60-day Thai traveler visa.

This was a very brief trial, I came in with my receipts and got my pass back without much time. At any time you can collect your pass from the opening until 5 pm. Then I got in a cab (6 USD) in front of the embassy and drove directly to the university.

You can see there is a route of things to do before you make your way to this journey, but if you do so and plan ahead, it will allow you to get a stress-free visa. Yangon is the number one Thai visa country?

Having completed a series of Thai visa races over the years, I was very shocked at how smooth the Thai visa run went in Yangon Myanmar. I' d definitely rate Yangon as my number one Thai visa target, with Savannakhet Laos in second place.

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