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Everyone who has seen The Beach has dreamed of the day when he could escape to an idyllic Thai archipelago with aquamarine water and sugar white sand. Booking your next Thailand holiday package with Thai Trips and get the best prices for all trips to Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi and Koh Samui. Hundred smilies per hours Journey through the "Land of Smiles" and discover a land of contrast. Thailand offers just about everything from the liveliness of Bangkok to the countryside and hill tribes to the picturesque South Island, and is a place to be visited once and for ever. Breathtaking landscapes, intriguing stories, delicious cuisine, beautiful sandy beach, hills, towns, communities and above all the astonishing characters that will help you appreciate it.

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You can trek in the jungle of northern Thailand or trek in one of the Phuket or Koh Samui islands, Thai tours do it all! Do you fancy a sports/adventure vacation? You can arrange your own Thailand Gulf tours, dive package in the Andamanensee or celebrate at one of the full lunar parties on Koh Phangan.

If you want to take your hosts' families on a vacation in Phuket or a trip for two to a secluded seaside resorts, Thai tours can put together everything your hearts desire. If not, please e-mail us and one of our specialists will be happy to get in touch with you to set the bikes in motion and make your paradise vacation of your dreams.

Go-it-alone: Tips for solo trips in Thailand

The quintessence of the backpacking destinations is Thailand. Through Thailand's rain forests and temple leads the so-called "Bananapancakes Path ", a tried and true back packer path that has seen the shoes of tens of thousands upon millions of independents travelers over the years. To get a frantic taste of Thailand, drive directly to Bangkok, where the Khao San Road fluorescent lamps and markets are still the backpackers' primary meeting place.

Visit Ayutthaya in the northern part of Thailand, the old capitol of the land, which is now strewn with shrines in various degrees of dilapidation. To get to know the local people, drive to Chiang Mai, the starting point for a number of several days of accompanied hikes and brief hikes in the far northern part of the state.

Traveling with them is an indispensable Thai travelling adventure and you are sure that you will use these loud, smoky (but very funny) cars to move around, especially in Bangkok. The tariffs are the same, regardless of the number of travelers, so you join forces with one or two (three is the safest maximum) other travelers to conserve them.

Arrange the price before departure (expect 100-150 Bahts for Bangkok hops) and make sure you have the right amount on time. Single travelers can use the motorbike taxi service, which covers all the usual stretches in the larger cities and off the usual itineraries. Thailand is a big nation and the distance between big cities can be big (from Bangkok to Chiang Mai it is 700 km).

Night train service is provided by the Thai State Railways and runs on four useful lines from Bangkok, among others to Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Surat Thani (a departure point for many of the South Isles). Second grade moorings are the best choice for single travelers as the comfy shared seating can be converted into fully shallow, curtain-siders.

Many domestic services are available with Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Nok Air (Thai Airways' low budget) and Thai Lion Air, all of which offer Bangkok-Chiang Mai services with a 1 hour 15 minutes per day. It also means not having to return to Bangkok - the train and bus services use the city as a turntable, which means you will always return there.

How can I taste Thai cuisine? To eat alone in Thailand does not necessarily mean a meal for you. You can often find the best meals at the regional overnight markets, where you can buy pasta, roasted brown biscuits, glutinous ricecakes, hot pies and juice.

There are cafes or restuarants in many lodges where you don't excel as a single-dinner. You may even find your travelers looking for friends to eat with. The most travelers like nothing more than to discuss where they have been or go over a dish of pasta or a beers. Sleep in a hostel, not a hotel - opt for a dormitory so you can share with other travelers and not hide out alone.

Staying in Bangkok on or near Khao San Road to have the best chances of spontaneous Singhas with your new buddies - NapPark is a good option, with its shared tamarind-shaded patio and TV room. Diva Guesthouse in Chiang Mai has six-bed rooms and a convivial cafe on the groundfloor, while Kanchanaburi's Jolly Frog has a common ambience and a hammock in the centrally landscaped area.

They can try everything from daily excursions to Thai cooking classes. For a glimpse into Thailand through eating, try Bangkok with using hands or the May Kaidee and Chiang Mai with the Thai Cooking School. If you want more adventures, take a zip line trip through the rain forest near Chiang Mai with Flight of the Gibbon or study diving with The Dove Academy on Koh Samui.

It' secure? For unaccompanied travelers of both sexes, Thailand is largely secure - and despite the country's fertile sexual industries, it is unlikely that a woman will draw more interest than a man traveling alone. Thailand is an absolutely secure place to go as long as you use your good manners.

It is unfortunately known that in Thailand there is sometimes substance abuse. Discover more of Thailand with The Rough Guide to Thailand. Cross-fertilise your flight, find itineraries, reserve accommodation and hotel for your trip and don't miss to take out cover before you leave.

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