Thai Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips

101 Thailand Travel Tips - For the modern nomad A thing I would have wished for back then was a sound travel guide, apart from the Lonely Planet. No guide said I shouldn't stay at a local agent's place at the airfield, or never take a "20 Baht - see everything" trip from a tuk tuk. However, that is all in the past now, and since my inauguration I have travelled to the land of smiles in every nook and cranny of its beauty: north, south, east and west. Like you can guess, I have some sound tips about traveling in airplanes, cars and railcars, and how to get around the kingdom in a funny and secure way.

You' ll get a short course in safety travel that will guarantee you a lucky, worthwhile, economical and above all safer one. It is likely that you will pass through the doors of BKK (Suvarnabhumi) International Park. Disregard cabouts who ask if you want a cab into the city center, they give a fix rate, three times what you should pay.

Instead, go to the first level and wait for a local cab. When you come through, turn right and you will see a notice directly above the escalators saying "Public Fare, 1st Floor". There is a 50 BAT supplement for buses, which the drivers will add to your exhibition.

Please be aware that the cabbie can ask if you want to take the tolling. It' only 25 baht per charge, so take this deal. Taxis are measured so that you only have to buy what is on the time. As a rule, my excursions to the airports end at 200-250 Baht, and I always round them up to 300 Baht as a tip.

So if you're lightweight, why don't you take the new A-frame? To take a cab from the airports in Koh Samui or Phuket is a completely different matter. Estimate a fixed rate of 400-800 Baht according to the trip. It' likely to be free, or between 150-200 Baht.

There is a good chance that even if the hotels do not carry out a transfer, they know a cab or a firm on the spot that will make it less expensive than the default rate for you. Tuk tuk's are funny, and for sure you will want to do one or two rides, but unfortunately the riders are infamous for fraudulent tourist.

Be careful of the line "20 Baht - see everything". When you can't be bothered to buy something, you can be sure that 20 baht drive will turn into something more like 300-400 baht. It is not a secure way to drive alone in the early morning hour through a town where you don't know stick with metre taxi, or better still, use Uber.

Thailand is a very secure place to travel, but sometimes a tourist comes into conflict with a fraud or a bad spot because they loose their sensitivity. Inexpensive, neat and air-conditioned, why spend long periods in a cab in transport when you can easily zooming around. On the road quickly and as inexpensive as French fries, motorcycle cabs are nothing for enemies.

Whilst these boys are usually great drivers, you should be conscious that the vast majority of traffic incidents in Thailand occur with motorcycles, and are usually reckless by motoring them. Vehicles dominate the streets of Thailand and often think little about walking - don't think that pedestrian crossings actually means that the vehicles will stop for you!

Personally, I' d back off traveling on motorcycle ticks if you can, but if you need to get somewhere quickly and the streets are choc-a-block, it's probably your best choice. I don't have much Dual price when it comes to motorcycle cabs, but you can end up payin' 5-20 baht more if you don't know the locals prices.

Of course, flying is by far the fastest way through Thailand, and it really isn't that costly. Thailand has airfields in all important cities like Chiang Mai, Samui, Phuket and Krabi, but also in more isolated places like Pai and Chiang Rai. When you have a reasonable price, Bangkok Airways is better than Thai Airways; the meals are usually better and the lounges for national flights offer free WIFI, cake, hearty sweets, coffees, juice and more.

Thailand has a countrywide rail system covering all parts of the state. Being in first grade is not quite what you are used to, but it is a very inexpensive way to travel and see the world. The perhaps most beloved Traveller Rail trip is the night to Chiang Mai.

When you are a lightweight drowsy, don't wait to get there but if you can get some rest through every rough, loud drive, you will like it. It is unavoidable that you will have to take a minivan somewhere on your trip, be it to the frontier, down to Hua Hin or Kanchanaburi, perhaps.

To do yourself a favor, restrict mini-van rides to rides lasting less than two inches. Thailand is a safer place for the sensible traveler, but it is also a land where sometimes hygienic and security requirements lose their sanity. You must also make sure you are insured for the kind of travel you make, which I expect you will either backpack through Asia or spend a few good few good few month in Thailand.

Each year, tens of thousand of travellers are not fully insured because they do not receive the small printed / no matching policies. Yes, every year tens of thousand of travellers apply just to get the answer: "Your travel health insurer is not valid because you did not have a date of departure".

Took me four years to realize I was covered by my insurance policies. As I found out that I did some research and found two great businesses that are perfect for the needs of today's nomadic people, I get a quotation from World Nonmads and Tru Traveller. Don't make the same mistakes I made when I came here by staying in a hotel, at the airfield or through a native who offered me a "good deal".

Agoda is almost always the least expensive place to stay when it comes to Thai hotel bookings as a Thai business is able to do the best business with them. To search through all the properties in your chosen travel destinations, click here. You can ask any question about traveling in Thailand in the comment field below and I will contact the next WIFI-commercial.

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