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Thailand Travel Centre

The is managed by a licensed Thai tour guide Dr. Songwut Krasae-in. Become a tour operator/travel agency in Thailand.

Martin, travel companion

An eclectic land of peace and quiet, with an abundance of actions and a spirit of high north. This is a land that offers many ways to hit the crowds along Burma's border, navigate the wonderful water of the reservoir, discover isolated towns and hike into the jungles. It is a land with so many wonderful sandy and island areas that it is not even necessary to select between umbrella-decorated or uncharted bays.

There is something for everyone in Thailand! And, as the pounding cardio in the middle, most travelers will set out on their trip in busy Bangkok. Everybody has an idea about Bangkok, but it's certainly not the same! In case of any doubts, we are here to provide inspiration and to accompany you on your way; to find your way through Thailand.

Our Travel Service Centers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai will help you with the navigation through the travel jungles. We' re looking forward to seeing you on the paths behind - lucky journeys! "I like to explore Bangkok's culinary world, something new comes up every time! Banggkok is a major Asian centre of excellence for the world of fashions.

It was my first visit to Thailand in 2009 and I had no expectations and no overall plans. I am welcomed with open arms and show me the beauties of another world. No great traveler back than, this was a big turning point in my being and I chose to move here and have since.

I' ve traveled all over Southeast Asia and had many great experience. It is with this in mind that I am now inspiring other travelers on their journeys with the eternal excitement that makes travel as a human being flourish and distinguishes between what is important in their lives (and what is not important).

I must love Laos - the untouched countryside & the untouched human, No. 7/11 on every corner, everything is relaxed and the scenery is astonishing, breath-taking and always something new to do! "When you speak to Bangkok residents, you will soon find that everyone has their own Bangkok.

Hear these stories and discover your own Bangkok. Being a traveler I like to get to know new peoples, new culture and new ways of being. I like to get together with friends in my free timeframe. Second best thing you can do is try new foods.

After all, I like exploring different types of cuisine and Thai cuisine is one of my favourite kitchens. When I' m on the road, my favourite thing is to get away. I like Thailand because of the local population, the cultural and of course the cuisine. Throughout Thailand you can live in the big cities and get away from it all on a secluded sandy beaches and savour the natural surroundings.

The best travel tip I can give you is: Before you enter the land, try to get to know a little about the local civilization, which will help you in many different ways. Travel has made a difference in my whole being! I' ve travelled to more than 20 different places and 30 different towns all over the globe, but when it comes to eating habits, there's nothing better than Thailand, especially Bangkok!

Wherever there are humans, there will be more. Just think you are going down the road full of delicious, prepared to go to dinner while you drink some of the genuine freshness of your own cooking and at the same tasting the big smile of the rural world.

I and my mates have been alone for 2 week in the southern part of Thailand. At some point during the voyage it was a mixture of the "big summer" and the "survival game" that me and my boyfriends have to look at each other and think "What are we doing there?

You' ll find yourself in unfamiliar terrain and you'll soon realise that the further you go in this sense, the more likely you are to see yourself as unfamiliar terrain. It' important to go beyond the awareness that traveling is less pleasant and to see what adventures involve a little more travelers' experience and exertion than most travellers are willing to take.

I' m traveling to clarify things. I like Myanmar. There is more historical, more uncharted natural, more abandoned beach and more open and real cultural than anywhere else in the atlantic. Surely I recall a time when my travel itineraries did not go as planned. About once a travel months.

Of course, this can be both good and poor, but as a travel consultant I am sometimes astonished at how much of my advice is due to good but certainly also poor outcomes. when I first got off Airport Link St. It'?s the sun, the humans, the traffic.

I had only one wish after two week trip in the southern part of Thailand: I like Thailand, because there is a great variety in the state. Then you can go to the beautiful sandy beach in the southern part of Thailand. In the metropolis Bangkok you can look for great parties or enjoy wildlife in the northern hills.

There is everything from fashionable to rustic and from beach to forest. The cultural diversity between the different regions is also evident. The next goal is to get my Koh Tao dive instructor to explore the stunning marine life. There are some astonishing dive sites to explore in Thailand, so the next thing on the shortlist is to get the certification.

If you are in Thailand or Southeast Asia - go mad in great eating! My favorite things to travel, meet new friends, take photos and find jewels. After all, I like to walk around small towns, always accompanied by my own cameras, to take the best photos of the best streets, cafés and all sorts of interesting places.

I like to explore the city' s vibrant nocturnal life and enjoy meeting young and old of all nations. I' d like to go to Bali. I' d like to go to the nice terraced paddy fields and spend a few relaxing nights on the wonderful sands. When you are in Chiang Mai and want the real secret of a native, I will not let you down.

"What I recall as a kid in Isarn are my many doubts and my father's answer: We are never alone on the ground, we can divide and welcome at the same people. That'?s my goal and that'?s why I like travel. The best thing I can do, or travel, is ask a lot of them.

Follow the rules and traditions of the land and spend your free day with the natives. Twenty-two persons sat in a group, everyone shared and spoke and got to know each other better, which made a group of new acquaintances. "Travel is my business, and in my free life I study journals about travel and fashions.

I like Chiang Mai with my wife and daughter. If you are in Bangkok, I strongly recommend that you visit the pasta shop'Yen Ta Four' at Thanon Jan Rd. I' taken a ride to Trang, one of my favourite places. It is a seaside town on the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand.

I was with my best traveling mate. There was delicious roast meat, nice sand and I was spending the whole week on a bun. This is my best secret tip for Bangkok: In Bangkok it is very inexpensive and easily accessible. Having astonishing offers, and having more to eat than your tummy can absorb, there is a whole range of things to do while you are here.

Wherever I go or why I travel, there is always something wonderful new to discover in Thailand. "Coming to see you?" Travel brings your lifestyle into balance and lets you comprehend the contrasts of the game. The most valuable travel memento I have comes from Luang Prabang in Laos when I first saw the town.

Lovin' their civilization. It' kind of like in Thailand, friendly folks who are always willing to help you, even if you can't speak your own tongue. This is my secret tip for travelling: Simply savour every aspect of your journey. "Whenever I have a minute, I like to travel. Traveling gives me new power!

And I never miss the opportunity to get in contact with the regional cuisine ('spicy' cuisine) and their way of being. If I had to pick my favourite target, it would be THAILAND, my home country! Not only is Thailand the country of the smile, but also full of nice sands, emerald, ocean and mountain with tropic plantations and game.

Again I am in favour of traditional cuisine, my tip for you is to try Tom Yum Soup with glutinous brown bread and homemade fruit, which I think is a unique one! The most valuable travel reminder was my trip to Switzerland - genuine snows! My favourite places, however, are Denmark and Great Britain.

The best place to go to Bangkok would be the Flying Chicken Restauran. "In my spare my favourite books and favourite tunes I like to go to a little café and enjoy reading them. I love my trip to Pukradueng because it makes me proud.

Travel to find places different from my everyday routine that have clean outdoors, no road travel, slower lives and less urban congestion. "I like to travel in Vietnam and Nepal, there are new awesome views, great views, great places to eat for every area. It is astonishing how diverse these two states are.

The most valuable thing I remember when I got on a motorcycle in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, I had a plate, the setting day and a lorry stopping to take me away. So why am I going on? The best secret tip to Bangkok - a real challange for you:

Use your preferred means of transport, bike or motorcycle and head one way here in Bangkok until you get misplaced. However, I found many interesting things like good eating places and my preferred Nike store. I like Hua Hin. It is the nearest seaside city in Bangkok and my friend loves to go there.

It is easy to get confused sometimes and you will know more area.

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