Thai Travel Advice

Thailand travel advice

Security in Thailand It is generally a secure place, but it is wise to be cautious, especially when it comes to dealings with outsiders (both Thai and foreigners) and traveling alone. Attacks by travelers are relatively uncommon in Thailand, but they do occur. Drug ownership can lead to one year or more in jail.

Drugs trafficking is subject to much higher sentences, up to and including death penalty. Do not consider all the free shops or sight-seeing for other people. Attacks by travelers are relatively uncommon in Thailand, but they do occur. Making a Thai person loose face (feeling embarrassed or humiliated in public) can sometimes trigger an unexplainably powerful and violence.

Today Thailand is enjoying friendship with its neighbors, and most of the country's frontiers are fully functioning passageways for goods and man. Ask your government's State Department for the latest travel alerts. Thailand's anything-goes ambiance are severe penalties for drug ownership and dealing that are not relaxing for aliens. Owning narcotics may lead to at least one year in jail or more.

Trafficking in narcotics - that is, trying to move across a frontier with narcotics in your possession will result in much higher penalties, up to and including death penalties. In Bangkok, it is particularly good at long, implicated scams that tempt travelers into believing they have found a boyfriend and are getting a deal while actually being fucked.

Any offer for free buying or sight-seeing of foreigners should be ignored. Make sure your room is secure and take your most important items (passport, cash, coffee, credit or debit cards) with you. Use the same procedure when traveling. In order to prevent you from loosing all your travel expenses in an instance, use a non-cash debit cardholder, so that the provider has no immediate payment at all.

It has a long history in Asia, and while Thailand does not have as many tugs as India, for example, it has its part. The travel agents are known for placing new arrivals in unfavorable, expensive properties thanks to commission. A number of travel agents disguise themselves as TAT, the state-sponsored tourism agency.

On the following web pages the German authorities provide travel tips and information on the latest hotspots.

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