Thai Tourism Board

Thailand Tourist Office

TAT is an organization of Thailand under the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. Grüße von der Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai & ; Meddle East Office. The TAT convenes a brainstorming forum to improve the safety of tourists. The Copyright Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Site Web de l'Autorité du tourisme de Thaïlande de l'Autorité du tourisme de Thaïlande.

The Thai Tourist Board starts the campaign'Eat Thai, visit Thai'.

At the meeting, in which the Thai PM H.E. General Prayut Chan-o-Cha participated, a MoU of Understanding was signed between TAT and seven Thai caterers: the Thai government has signed a MoU: The Busaba Eathai, Giiggling Squid, Koh Thai, Minor Group, Rosa's Thai Café, Thai Leisure Group and Thai Square. The Thai Eats Thai, Visit Thai will concentrate on 10 areas across the UK, particularly areas with immediate air links to Thailand, emphasising the possibility for travel agencies to work with Thai food outlets through a series of on-site activities.

Is this the most peculiar slogan in the whole wide globe?

Thailand's tourism authority has recently published a new advertising strategy for the next generations of people. Here we take a look at other tourist catchphrases that may seem a little weird. Slovakia has opted for a "do it say it on tin" attitude in order to apply itself.

To be fair, it is a good plan to go to Slovakia, with its breathtaking Tatra mountains and wild animals, the quaint town of Bratislava in miniature and Ko?ice, an underestimated historic town and once one of the largest in Czechoslovakia. One has to take one's heed of the El Salvador tourism office; they are an honourable group.

A tourism tagline with an ordinary name has something very pleasant. Similar to the Slovenian initiative I FELE SOVEnia, Djibouti has taken the path of emphasizing its inherent charm and vocal-free initials. There was Benjamin Button who was nosy (at least his case); George was nosy.

Thailand's Tourism Authority (TAT) Authority Profile

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