Thai Tour Guide

Thailand travel guide

Day trips with the tour guide Nok. Thailand Tour Guide: Private tour guide in Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand. The Private Tour is flexible and exclusively designed for you. Usually I travel without a guide, but this time I decided to do it differently. Bangkok Picture, Thai Private Tour Guide:

Homestay Guides & Tours in Thailand

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See our privacy policy and our consent form. Our best qualified guide will suggest tours for you. Select your guide and you are ready for a great vacation! There are few places as fascinating as Thailand, which is as full of exotic ism and cultural diversity. At a place where humble Far Eastern civilization encounters a fierce, celebratory philosophies, this is a goal like no other.

Respectful magnificent sanctuaries and Buddha sanctuaries are the cornerstone of both Thai country and Thai municipal cultures and call upon the powerful Buddha fellowship of the area. Maybe it is this worship bond that brings national calmness to soothe even the most messy Thai city. Your Thailand guide will tell you that local produce fills the table tops with taste and fellowship, tempting the visitor to immerse themselves in the tribal heart of the area.

It is no wonder that it is the best Thai travel guide in Trip Advisor - Review of Thai Private Tour Guide, Bangkok, Thailand

We had a one-time honeymoon in Thailand. Tong's tour was the highest rating on TripAdvisor and all I can say is it was like taking your tooth out to get an answer. On our return to our Bangkok hotels we were informed that our guide would come to collect us in the mornings to begin our tour.

His knowledge and passion for Bangkok and Thailand was very high. The first stop was the floral fair to see the diversity of our floral products and their many uses. The TJ knew everything about the Thai story (much longer than that of the United States), the kingly family, the importance of religion, and what each edifice or place of worship was important for.

Having walked around and seen the attractions, we jumped on a long cruise on the Chao Phraya riverbank, which led us through the labyrinth of channels to see the locals' houses along the canal. Then we landed back at the riverbank and didcked into a privately owned nightclub for noon.

I can' t believe for our first full days in Bangkok that there is a better leader than TJ. On our way back to Bangkok we prepared TJ for a tour of the Maeklong Railway, the float market, the bridge over the Kwai River, the Tiger Temple and an elephant trek.

Mr. Chob let us know what clothes we needed for this tour so that we were all ready to go. From Bangkok to the Maeklong railroad. Maeklong train is a landmark. We went to the float market after the train, where a ship was awaiting us.

This market is a tourism hoax, to the contempt of TJ. They' re just standing on the deck while the car goes by. Then we went on an Elefantentour and could the elephants in the riverbank rides and bathe. The TJ is definitely a win for Thai Tour Guides and Mr. Chob.

He' one of the kindest folks you'll ever see and will do anything to make sure you're looked after and enjoy your tour. It should be ordered by everyone who wants to do a tour in Thailand!

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