Thai Restaurant Burlingame

Burlingame Thai Restaurant

This cozy, impeccable restaurant is located directly on the trendy Burlingame Avenue. Head chef Martin Komindr creates a dazzling version of traditional Thai cuisine. The King Of Thai Noodle House. Bangkok Patio Menu, Order Thai Food Pick up Online from Bangkok Patio, Best Thai in San Mateo, CA. With authentic Thai cuisine and a family-friendly casual dining experience.


Serving wholesome and genuine Thai cuisine, we have a great relaxed ambience. We are also open comfortably at night; until 1.00 a.m. on Monday-Saturday and 22.00 p.m. on Sundays. Come by and join us for Thai meals whenever you are in the area! Throughout the years we have preserved the real Thai cuisine, apart from the cleanness and the excellent cuisine.

Only the freshest raw materials are used to guarantee the best taste and the best aroma.

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The relaxed and family-friendly ambience is the result of our wish to exchange our passion for genuine Thai cuisine with you. It was tasty! It' pasta with a mixture of prawns, chickens and beef. Panko Gingerbread is another great meal, with just the right amount of flavour and spice.

The restaurant itself was nothing out of the ordinary, just good meals! Call to all Thai Friends! I' ve come here with gentle expectation and was so overwhelmed by the meal. For example, the meals we ordered were NOT OIL. We' ve ordered the PAD THAI and the FRIED CHICKEN OVER RICE.

This shattered hen made a permanent impact and was undoubtedly the show's number one!


The Thai Nakorn is a family-run restaurant that has been catering to the municipality of San Bruno and the surroundings of the cove for fifteen years. Accompanied by genuine Thai food and a family-friendly informal dinner event. Fry rolls of eggs filled with kale, celeriac, carrots and pasta, accompanied by dessert sauces.

Baked maize, baked and freshly baked, accompanied by lettuce. Fry cooked marinaded fisch pasta with parsley seeds and cucumbers. Shrimps, broiled and peeled, covered with eggshells, dressed in a sweet-sour sauces. Roasted bean curd, garnished with dessert and peanuts.

Combining meatball and slices of meat with beans shoots in a stock. Hähnchen in mushroom and lime grass milksoup with coconuts. Deliciously crispy, in a clear stock of crushed chickens, onion, and onion. Crushed parsley with tomato, beans, toasted peanuts and aromatic lime-dressings.

Salad, cucumbers, tomato, toofu, dried shoots and hard-boiled eggs with peanuts-dressings. Huhn in strawberries and coir with carrots and potato. Choose poultry or pig meat, in curried bread and coir milks with leafs of paprika, red pepper and Basilikum. Fried chickens or pig meat with French fries and Currypaste.

Roasted pineapples, paprika, onions and tomato with sweetened acidity. Halbmariniertes Huähnchen with Thai condiments, with barbecue sauces. Roasted onion, roasted onion, roasted peas with hot chocolate and tomato paste. Marinade with Thai condiments on brown pepper stock, with peanutsauce and gherkin sallad. Roasted pasta with chickens, eggs, toofu, onion, beans, chopped beans.

Roasted pasta with vegetable, eggs, tofu, onion, kidney stones and ground peanut. Choose poultry, pig or hot dogs with chilli, onion, paprika and balsamico. Choose chickens, pigs or hot dogs with hot peas and curried pasta. Choose poultry, pig or hot dogs with dry curried chilli with coir milks, paprika, green coffee ground coffee powder and paprika and basil-leaf.

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