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Thailand needs'radical change': Libertarian Billiardaire Thanathorn wants to change Thai policy

Situated in a tranquil Bangkok outskirts is an stylish, contemporary home of the political climber Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit. I' m not happy," said 39-year-old Thanathorn, who was deputy CEO of his private company - a multi-billion euro car parts company Thai Summit Group - before he joined the political arena in March.

There is a profound polarization that divides the peoples of this land in half, and I want to be part of the answer. It is one of the top 1 percent of Thailand's 66 million inhabitants, who own most of the country's riches. And so it came as a shock when he chose to join Thai policy - a famous cutthroat stadium known for corrupt practices, abuses of authority and scruples.

"On March 11, I answered Thailand," he said on his Facebook bankroll, after starting the Future Forward Party with scientists, campaigners and next generations ofrepreneurs. Outside of his familiy, the reaction to his political plans is by no means a disappointment, at least for Thanathorn. A lot of folks see him as a savior who could save a country riven by political ideology.

Known for its young members and advanced thinking, his political group has been supported in its ambitions to establish a "new kind of policy" in Thailand, where full visibility at every government altogether is ensured in order to avoid corrupt practices and truly achieve human domination. Winning the overwhelming part of the ranks, its members are planning to limit the powers of the army to avoid further coup d'états.

It also intends to eliminate the present Armed Forces draft condition, which strengthens the impact of the armed forces on government and at the same time limits the impact of electoral leaders in law. It also covers the decentralization of powers, education reforms and the abolition of the monopoly of the economy. "Thanathorn said, "We want to alter the relation between mankind and the state.

ASATHORN: THE NEXT THAKSHIN? Ever since the start of the Future Forward Party, The Horn has been swamped with hatred and ardor. The focus of the criticism is his relationship to Suriya Juangroongruangkit, his uncles and elderly member of the Thai Rak Thai Party of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin, who is also a multibillionaire, is widely regarded as the cause of Thailand's political divide, which has long polarized his party into two groups.

He and his sibling, former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, support the first - the Red Shirts. They were both confronted with allegations of corrupt practices and abuses of powers and saw their electoral government taken from office in two coup d'états. Other group - commonly known as the Yellow Shirts - are those who do not like the Shinawatra group.

Most of them are bourgeois right-wingers who normally join forces with the Democrats, a competing faction of Thaksin's late Thai Rak Thai and his Pheu Thai emblem. During 2014, tension opened the way for a bloody military coup under the leadership of the then military leader and present premier, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Thanathorn' s political plan is therefore seen by the anti-Thaksin camps as a signal that the exile is using his clout in the political arenas, as he is targeting non-red-or-yellow electors in the next elections. Its hypothesis partly comes from certain past occurrences when Thanathorn was part of the pro-Thaksin group.

A year later he agreed to Yingluck's Pheu Thai Party. Today, he said, all he had done to defend democracies, and unlike in the past, the Pheu Thai Party no longer represented his virtues. "Pheu Thai was once a sign of my hopes. That Pheu Thai would be more democratically, listening to its members and being a power that could really transform this state.

There' s nothing we can do about this one. "In fact, Thanathorn alleged he did not endorse Thaksin's administration, as many believe, and even endorsed the Yellow Shirts' protests against the former premier. But he ceased to go to the demonstration after their rulers called for an un-elected premier to take Thaksin's place. Thanathorn, unlike other political figures, has no political records.

"Humans expect new faces, new powers and new concepts. That is what we want to do to Thai politics," he said. A lot of Thais are sick and tired of politicians, especially the younger ones. "The political sphere has become a permanent feature that has had enough of everyone," said 33-year-old Bangkok playwright Sasapin Siriwanij.

Their work - performing mainly on political and societal matters - is sometimes supervised and filmed by the armed forces for the sake of possible civil upheaval. Sasapin, like many members of the new family, was enthusiastic about what the Future Forward Party has in store for Thailand.

This has given her hopes and given new life to her dreams of a different world. To people like her - Thais who are not part of the yellow-red war - the rookie has almost come to life as a child. Indeed, the restoration of order and order in Thai societies is largely due to their interventions four years ago.

Several Thais see his ubiquitousness as the only strength that could stop Thaksin from coming back to government and thus avoid a clash between the two competing factions. Although it is too early to predict the long-term effects of the Future Forward Party, it is now clear that it has made headline news both in the UK and abroad in just two month since its inception.

She has peped up an old, weary political scene and stimulated the political debate in the public utilities. There are many who have begun to daydream of a different kind of tomorrow in which a good democratic administration is not an impossibility. It' s got to begin with our celebration. It' s got to begin with me, an out-of-work person with a big dream," said Thanathorn.

Like the Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, a multimillionaire, shakes Thai policy with its advanced Future Forward Party.

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