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Shaven minds, they are preparing to become Buddha Schools. Ulysses of a Thai football club saved from a Thai cavern went on Tuesday when 11 of the youngsters took part in a ceremonial service and had their head shaven before being sanctified as buddhistic newcomers. As a token of thankfulness, the boys' homes had promised to have the young ones ordered to ordain from the partly submerged Tham Luang den in Chiang Rai.

The young men are shown in front of a dinner with lighted candlelight. Then the young men took their prayers, took a bow and sat down. Juveniles aged 11-17 are officially ordained Wednesday and stay nine nights at Wat Pha That Doi Wao near their houses in the north of Thailand.

They were captured until the first crew of emergency diver arrived, 2.5 leagues from the caves. Ekapol Chanthawong, the trainer in charge, who was imprisoned with the young, had previously been a Buddhist nephew for more than eight years and was ordained monk.

One of the twelfth members of the group, Adul Sam-on, is not a Buddhist and does not participate in the ritual. On 23 June, after football training, the youngsters and their trainer came into the cavern for a team-building training session, which was to last one to two hours. There was nothing to eat, they were drinking waters that dripped from the caves and meditating to relieve their anxiety and keep their mind occupied.

This bailout included several hundred voluntary workers and assistance from more than a decade of nations, among them the United States. During the tenth emergency call, two UK scuba diver met the crew crowding together on a rack in the cavern, trembling and starving, but otherwise in relatively good condition.

It took another whole weeks to plan and carry out the complete bailout. The former Thai Marine Seal Saman Kunan was killed building a tank of air along the way out. These guys were discharged from the infirmary last Wednesday.

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