Thai Myanmar Border Crossings

Myanmar Thai border crossings

Malaysia - Myanmar - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Myanmar Border Crossings . Border crossing Thailand Myanmar Myanmar and Thailand share a long border from the northern to the south of the Mergui Archipelago. It has 3 official checkpoints where tourists can pass not only Myanmar, Thais, but also foreigners: You will need a visa to travel from Thailand. Is it possible to travel to Myanmar on an online visa?

On-line visa is now available at over 3 border crossings. Where do I get an on-line visa? Use our on-line system to apply: For how long is the on-line visa for? You can stay 28 nights in Myanmar with the on-line visa. If you are in Bangkok, we recommend that you obtain a visa from our embassy before travelling to Myanmar.

There is a 3-day traveler' s permit for those who only want to travel to border areas. In order to obtain this type of visas, please go to our Immigration Department on the pedestrian crossing and keep your ID card in the offices during your time.

The Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Mae Sot, Thailand - very simple border crossings.

You may also benefit if you already have a multiple validity visas! At 4 pm we arrive in Mae Sot and decide to try the cross. My woman was waiting for me as I was waiting for Thai migration with my feet on the ground after I finished my exit forms - then through a hub and toll without any delays across the river and ignored all the diversions directly to a small air-con bureau on the lefthand side of Burma's migration - a brief waiting time - finished forms - immigrant officials looking at the pass where my visas were and how long I stayed - I said I wanted to go back to Thailand immediately - he said 500 bahts, which I'd be available..,

Though it seems to have a great value of friendliness between the countries, there is nothing really interesting about this one.

Only another important crossroads between the states. He was open-minded. As you look down from the near Myanmar you will see the Riverside View Restuarant. A little English is said and Thai dialect is acceptable. The best way to travel to Thailand is not to apply for a prior release from travel formalities. I' m an older woman who usually cooperates officially.

The official was surly and will require a visas in the near term. to be back in Burma. but I wasn't eager to leave my pass with anyone. Were you on the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridg?

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