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Meaning'Thai' free? Whilst the Thais often call their land the courteous expression Praathet Thai, they most often use the slang more common expression Muang Thai or just Thai, the original Thai meaning museum, archaic a metropolitan state that is often used to describe a given metropolis or municipality as the center of a given area. The name Ratcha Anachak Thai means "Kingdom of Thailand" or "Kingdom of Thailand". Banggkok (English pronounced: /'bæ?k?

k/[5]) is the main town and the most populated in Thailand. It' known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or just Krung Thep (hear about this sounds (help info)). It covers 1,568.7 km2 (605.7 km2 ) in the Chao Phraya River Delta in central Thailand and has a total of over 8 million or 12.6 per cent of the country's people.

More than 14 million inhabitants (22.2 percent) are living in the Bangkok metropolitan region, which makes Bangkok an extremely prime metropolis and clearly eclipses the other Thai cities in their importance. As Bangkok is an abbreviated form of the full name. Many Thais have long, official and inexpressible Westerners like me and go by the name.

The true origins of the name Bangkok are unknown. Bangkok's name' stigma is not entirely clear. The name Bang is a Thai term for "a town by a stream" and could have been taken from Bang Ko, ko for "island", a hint at the scenery of the area, which was cut by streams and a canal.

It is abbreviated by Bang Macok, where macok is the name of Elaeocarpus humrophilus, a herb that bears olive-like fruits[a] This is backed by the fact that Wat Arun, a historical sanctuary in the area, was formerly called Wat Macok. A lot of ex-patients who want to show that they are'in the picture' will use Krung Thep in contrast to Bangkok.

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