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Who we are Richfield Group, which offers a variety of consulting and bookkeeping expertise, is a family-owned company. In 1995-2014 the group became a member of the BDO group. The member company offers its customers audits and insurance as well. Providing customers with an impartial insurance of the economic entity's financial reporting on the basis of either the Thailand or International bookkeeping or verification standard.

ABOUT CONSULTANTS PLACE LTD. The law office offers a wide variety of business and secretariat management as well as external contracting with a high level of standards to make sure that our customers are advised in the best possible way and meet the demands of the various legal agencies. The Group was incorporated on 1 July 2015 in Kreston International, a worldwide audit company established in 1971 and now considered the twelfth biggest audit group in the business.

Meanwhile, Kreston International is covering more than 100 nations and has more than 20,000 specialists and supports. More than 20 years of expertise with the Big 4 auditing companies in the provision of auditing and consultancy activities is available to our team. In this way, we provide tailor-made solutions that are tightly intergrated across the insurance and consultancy fields - resulting in extensive strategic solutions for your company's specific requirements.

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Most of the Thai have something to offer: beautiful countryside, beautiful sandy spots, a welcoming Thai community, delicious meals (spicy or not), small ticket shops, good rooms in hotels and a captivating cultural and historical heritage. It' s hard to see why so many international visitors keep coming back here or even settling in the countryside.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand! With an area of 514,000 km², Thailand is slightly smaller than France and slightly bigger than Sweden. It is in Southeast Asia and the neighbouring states are: the United States: the country is not: it is: South of the island are the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

It' s a mono-archy and the most frequent religious is Buddhism (about 95% of the population). Thai tribe is very proud of its land, its empire and its religions. For the remainder of the year and during 2014, two persons will work full-time with our Thai sites, included.

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