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Embassy of Thailand Myanmar

Thai Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. The news I have heard is that the citizens of our country no longer need a visa to enter Thailand. Locate hotels near Royal Thai Embassy Yangon, Myanmar online. Thai Embassy in Myanmar: Detailed information on the locations of the Thai embassy and consulates, including addresses, e-mails and telephone numbers. The Sandee Thai Language School Call:

What is the best way to get a Thai visa in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)?

Thai visas in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) are slightly more stringent than Thai visas in a place like Savannakhet, Laos, but the whole process is quite simple if you have everything upfront. The Yangon is not the perfect place for a fast transit visas, but a great place to get a Thai visas if you plan to travel or hang out in Burma (Myanmar).

Please note: To obtain a Thai Visas in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar), you must have purchased a plane tickets to Thailand. It is always convenient to have a few photocopies of your pass and a few photo passports with you. The possibility of getting passports outside the embassy is temporary, but these places always require a bonus (because they can).

Please see the Thai and Burma holiday lists to make sure you have 2 vacation free of charge (I can't tell you how often I went to get a visas and totally forget to take a vacation - just to get a few additional days). IMPORTANT: If you do not take these things with you to get your Thai visas in Yangon, you will be refused and must come back (probably the next day).

I' m familiar with that first-hand because I showed up without a copy of my airline tickets, tried to persuade myself not to need it and had to come back the next mornings to get the INS. Stage 1 - I got to the Thai embassy around 8:30am to meet just a few guys outside the door.

Doors open from 9:00 to 11:30 to request the visas. I have completed my Thai Visas Registration Document and have collected all my documentation to submit my visas. Entering the first entrance gate (like a small hut), you pass on your pass and your request to the person seated there.

He' ll give you a little slip with a number. You will then have to sit on the desks in front of the embassy and await the call to your number area. If your number is dialled, you will be asked to fill in the genuine part of the Thai embassy, submit all your papers and payment of your visas, receive a voucher for your ID and will be asked to come back the next working for it.

2nd day: I came back the next morning at 2 pm to get my Thai visas without any problem - I just came in and got my pass. Your pass can be collected at any time from 14.00 - 17.00. Thai Embassy is just outside the city.

I' ve run from the centre of Yangon a few places (takes about 30 minutes), but it's probably simpler to hop into a cab that should be 1500 - 2000 Kyats. Yangon Municipal Coach also goes to the Thai Embassy and asks for a toll and it should help you out!

When travelling to Yangon you should take a look at my important Myanmar information and look for accommodation. While in Yangon, take part in the beautiful meal. Look at these tasty meals of Burma cooking.

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