Thai Destination

Thailand destination

Pad Thai, fried pineapple rice and green curry. We had two Thai restaurants here in Fairwood. Thai-destination is a local family restaurant in the Fairwood area of Renton.

Thailand destination

Surat and his family opened Thai Destination in 2002, their idea was simple: to make a place where others can have the same old traditions and the same welcoming atmosphere they have at home. Ever since, many have enjoyed the genuine flavor and cordial friendliness of their favourite destination in Thailand.

Thai Destination serves the same easy and tasty meals that we use at home. Explore your own new favorites from a large selection of egg roll, wonton, soups, salad, pasta, curry, roasted brown and white bread, pancakes, shellfish and vegetable cuisine. Our promises are a neat, informal atmosphere with pleasant services that guarantee you an unforgettable adventure at all times.

At Thai Destination we want you to experience a feeling of being at home. I like the meal and the familiar ambience. Katie D. Kindness and friendliness that makes you think you are the most important client, serving quick and tasty meals with a big grin. What distinguishes this place from others is the hot, pleasant services and the pleasant ambience.

This is the best Thai meal in Fairwood.

Thai Destination Menu

Grinded chickens, powdered rices, sliced Thai dressed and served with fresh Thai sauce, served with freshly chopped tomatoes, garlic, red cabbage, salad-based garlic, mushrooms, green onions and coriander. Tagliatelle, prawns, grated chickens, bulbs, celery, carrots, paprika, green bulbs and coriander with Thai dressings. This is our specially baked tortillas with prawns, chickens andsesam. Roasted thin pasta, beans, eggs, grated tofu and groundnuts.

Roasted pasta with beans, dried beans, eggs, onions, meats or tofus of your own choosing, covered with crushed beans. Roasted broad pasta, eggs, bamboo beansprouts, onions, carrot, paprika and paprika, optionally with meats or toofu. Roasted broad pasta, beans, eggs, carrot, broccoli or carrot and soft beansauce with a selection of soya.

Roasted broad pasta with breadcrumbs, carrot and carrot in either beef or tofu souce. Roasted thin pasta, eggs, vegetables, baked with meats or tofu of your own choosing and with Thai peanuts. Roasted yakisoba pasta, beans, eggs, bok choy, carrot and homemade soft skewers with chickens, pigs or tofu of your own choosing.

Fried chickens or bean curd with cashews, paprika, carrots, onions, cabbages, courgettes and verdant sausages. Spinate-based chickens or bean curd with Thai peanuts. Fried chickens or toofu with mushrooms, carsrots and onions in an onionsauce, on bread crumble.

Roasted chickens or tofu with cloves of clove, chilli powder, white chilli powder, white wine, white wine, white cucumbers. Roasted egg-plant with chickens, onions, paprika, onions, and sprigs of bass. You can choose between beef or tofu with paprika, onions, celeriac, kale, maize, courgettes and toffee. You can choose between meats or tofu with chilled maize, paprika, celeriac, onions, sweetbread, sweet potato and maize.

You can choose between meats or soft sprouts with lettuce, bulbs, green peas, paprika, carrots as well as mushrooms and sprouts. You can choose between meats or toofu, with pineapples, celeriac, cucumber, paprika and tomato in a sweetened and acidic sauces. Roasted pasta with string hash, eggs, vegetable, with meats or toofu.

Mashaman and Chicken-Curry with Onion, Potato and Peanut (served with Gherkin Salad). Choose between tofu or tofu and panang cheese curried in coir milks, with paprika, red pepper, paprika, carrots and coffee mint. Flesh of your own choosing or tofu and raspberry flavoured in coir cream with potato, tomato, onion ans potato.

Choose your own meats or beef, soft cheese and freshly baked curried cheese in white powder. Hen, pinapple and raspberry flavoured black pepper, carrot and parsley cheese in hot chocolate. You can choose between meats or soft cheese and hot curries in coir milks, with aubergines, courgettes, aubergines, carrot, paprika and bassilo.

Roasted jasmine-ripe, eggs, onions, and vegetable, optionally with beef or tofu. Roasted jasmine-ripe, eggs, onions, paprika, chilli pasta and optionally meats or tofu. Roasted jasmine-ripe, pine-apple, eggs, broccoli, raisin, onions, curried powders and optionally beef or tofu. Shrimps roasted with cloves of clove, mushroom and carrot, on a basis of stewed vegetable and coriander.

Roasted shrimps, parsley seeds, onion, carrot, paprika, sweet pepper, babycorn and Currypaste. Panang and salmon sherbet curried in coir cream with paprika, carrot, green coffee lemon and bean.

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