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Director is very nice and the meal comes out very fast! When I came over luncheon, so the servings (I ordered Thai payed beef) were smaller, and about $2-4 less than the supper meal. The sound was extremely soft and there was no sound in the back. As the new inhabitants of McMinnville, we kept our fingers crossed that our meal was at least good, if not great.

Yeah, Mac is a'Thai city', so maybe it' s average. So I ordered the spaghetti roll hors d'oeuvre for my dish with a side of spaghetti sweet-sour gravy and kid they were yeummy.... I'll definitely be back for this again. And I know that some of you may think it's hard for me to give this facility a badge, considering it's a Thai place in this picturesque little city McMinnville, Oregon.

One, the services were awful. She didn't even come by to see us, which is not acceptable because the place was unoccupied. Maybe the meal will free itself from this suboptimal wait. Sure, it's feed, but so is kennel. They were all hideous with the breadcrumbs, the rice lake etc, the rice rack (chicken with peanuts sauce) and the rice Thai.

Look, I know this is McMinnville and it's in the heart of nowhere, but you can't even compare it to Americanised Thai cuisine! It was all either dull or straightforward in taste, which is not what Thai foods are meant to be! Thailand-style cuisine is known for its complexity and many of its flavours!

This is not a recommended place, even if you are willing to be satisfied with less to satisfy a desire, because what you get from this place is not Thai cuisine. We' been to Thai County many a time, they're the only Thai place in McMinnville. Meals and services are generally reasonable.

We got our dinner out in a cool place. It may be the best Thai place in the world for a Thai meal in your favorite room, but it's the only Thai place in the world. It'?s good stuff. Somehow slower services. But years later I found out that there are great Thai places outside McMinnville. It was the first order in this place and the meal was great!

We ordered roasted pink apple raice, we see pads, this grilled chickens and it all tastes astonishing! This is the only Thai place in Mac, I think, it's a good typically Thai one. A good piece of brandy and other meals you would like. Fantastic meal! I' had the flavorful aubergine tufu spec and wow.

Dinner is good throughout. Usually I get a Thai sherbet or a Thai pat. That Tom Kha very well with some lovely popp (spicy) went to dinner last night and was happy to find you get a dish of Tom Kha with your order. and my boyfriend had the aubergine tufu spec.

After-sales services are usually unimportant and that is why 4 star and not 5. Nice little place with tasty dinner. Tom Ka noodles were really great, the salads were tasty and we had a mussel honey that was quite good. Satisfied with the services and the meal.

I couldn't even finish the lukewarm water. In the end I drove back to Tigard before I could at last enjoy the thin sherbet. A ton of shinachiku sprouts and a little chick. Any place I've been in Thailand after dinner has never corresponded to the Thai country!

Favourite meals are mussel cuurry, curried greens, thai pads, roll salads and a Thai tee with coir milks on a warm mug! These are very suitable for specific dietary requirements (I am a vegan) and the services are always extraordinary! It was one of the best Thai restaurant we've had so far.

Hidden in Hauptstrasse or Third Road in McMinnville Oregon The personnel was friendly. We' ve ordered the Thai pastry with chickens and chickens curries. Apparently that proves the place is a worthwhile place to visit. Dinner here was great, but not the services. and while I was waitin', a lady came in with her muzzle.

They promptly threw her out of one of the server and said that regardless of the invalidity of her pet, there was a chance that other guests would not like the hound if it were in there so they would not use it. This is not only against the law, but also a terrible level of client care!

I' m hoping the official pet owners report them to the state. He' love the hen. He likes it. It'?s not sharp. It' the red curry I like and it's not too warm, but it's more tangy than the coconut. Superior nutritional qualities. Have a look at the aromatic poultry base (on the Features Board....not on the menu).

Eggs are not oily. Her pad Thai (I always get it a little hot!) is great!

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