Thai and Myanmar Money

Thais and Myanmar money

Current exchange rates for the conversion of Myanmar Kyats (MMK) into Thai Baht (THB). Benefit from our competitive exchange rates for fast and reliable transfers. In order to determine the current exchange rate of your home currency to the Thai baht. Like its neighbours India and Thailand, Myanmar has a dual pricing policy. Thai-Myanmar M&P Money Transfer Service.

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Myanmar exchange money in Thailand - Myanmar Forum

I and a mate of mine came to Chiang Mai from Yangon today and we raised about 500 Euro in Myanmar. Attempting to swap the money in Myanmar for Bhatt, but it was not possible and we thought it would be possible in Thailand, but when we got there we found that nobody did.

Will there be anyone going to Myanmar in the next few nights or even more? We' re in Chiang Mai for the next 4 or 5 dai. We' re always there for you. Thanks, the last in Bangkok, they sold Myanmar Kyaat at the bank along the Kaosan Rd, which came as a surprise to me, as it is not an official foreign money, most travellers who have left Myanmar can now trade their Kyaat for $'s in bank overdrafts.

However, what activeb when heading to Bangkok for the Myanmar embassy in Sarthorn and offering him huge lines gathering there at around 8am? reasonably sure you won't find anywhere in Chiang May to alter it& was there 2 wks ago and was checking a wad of changer&.sorry to say, but you should really have been researching a little more first, early&.why departure with so much Euros value from Kyat&!

One of my British friends made the same error, but asked in the forum if someone who went to Myanmar would buy them from him - which I did. Maybe you're contacting an agent in Portugal to see if they have customers in Myanmar? Visit the Myanmar International Airports (Chiang Mai or Bangkok) and look for a check-in desk for Myanmar and see if these travelers to Myanmar want to buy theirkyat.

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