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Thailand Airways International Public Company Limited, operating under the name THAI, is Thailand's leading airline. Thailand Airways International Public Company Limited is the national airline of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand Airways International Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries are active in air transport in Thailand and internationally. Thai-airways International uses cookies on its website. Flights popular with Thai Airways International.

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THAI (including its subsidiaries) serves 84 targets in 37 different locations from its base at Suvarnabhumi Airport and the second base at Phuket International Airport with a total of more than 90 aircrafts. It once operated two of the world's longest non-stop flights between Bangkok and Los Angeles and New York City, but due to high gasoline costs, plane withdrawals, baggage restrictions and skyrocketing fares, it suspended all non-stop flights in the United States for an indefinite period in 2012.

From 2013, connections between Bangkok and Los Angeles were operated via Incheon International Airport near Seoul, which ceased operating in the USA on October 25, 2015. The THAI was the first Asia-Pacific carrier to fly to London Heathrow Airport. THAI has one of the biggest airlines in Europe.

In 1960 THAI Airways was formed as a JV between Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), which had a 30 per cent stake in the new airline with a value of two million Thai Bahts, and Thailand's national airline Thai Airways Corporation (Thai: ????????????). Aim of the JV was to establish an internal subsidiary for the Thai Airways Group.

Thailand citizens have been able to take on full management responsibilities through education and practice, and the number of employees abroad has declined accordingly, with less than one per cent of employees working in Thailand in 1987. Thai Airways was planning a privatisation programme in 1997,[14] the first in Thailand's annals.

THAI formed the world's first and biggest carrier partnership, the Star Alliances, together with Lufthansa, Air Canada, SAS and United Airlines on 14 May 1997. In the course of the 2000s (decade) THAI aggressive pursued the extension of the railways with new connections to Chengdu, Busan, Chennai, Xiamen, Milan, Moscow, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Johannesburg (later abandoned) and Oslo.

THAI started non-stop non-stop operations from Bangkok to New York, its first non-stop flight to North America, with the Airbus A340-500s purchased in 2005. Later, the company transformed the one-stop connections to Los Angeles into non-stop connections with the same plane model. Due to the very high cost of fuels, THAI stopped the New York airliner in July 2008, although the company was able to fill 80 per cent of the passenger seat capacity.

On May 1, 2012, the connection to Los Angeles was switched back to the one-stop flight via Seoul, so that the company cannot offer a non-stop flight between Thailand and North America. While the A340 for non-stop flights did not fall under ETOPS, the introduction of the 777 with one-stop flight will remain undetermined for years to come (with the 330 minutes rule); the company has no plan to follow newer targets in North America (e.g. Houston, TX, USA) or to buy the Boeing 747-8 for trans-Pacific flights, as Thai Airways operates the Airbus A380.

THAI relocated its headquarters to the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airports in 2006. At the same time as new planes arrived in the mid-2000s and the new Bangkok airport was opened, the carrier started a new branding with the introduction of new airplane painting, new airplane seats and new floor and flight service.

In the 2000s (decade) THAI also extended its railroad system beyond the Bangkok turnstile. For the first year in its 40 years of existence, the THAI reported a net income of around 21 billion Bahts (675 million US dollars) in 2008. Since then, it has obtained its first A380 and started its flight to Hong Kong on 6 October 2012.

On the occasion of its 50th birthday in 2010, the THAI, led by Piyasvasti Amranand, its Chairman and former Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, has drawn up new blueprints for the company's further development, among them a significant modernisation of the air plane fleets and an upgrading of the current service. Since then THAI has ordered a number of aircrafts, among them the cost-efficient Boeing 787 and Airbus A350, and started to modernise the Boeing 747 and 777 cabin.

In view of increasing petrol prices, the company has now decommissioned the most efficient airplanes, among them the Airbus A340-500. In the last half of 2012, the company received its first Airbus A380 and intends to operate the plane on its key lines in Europe. The THAI has started to expand its grid again with the reopening of services to Brussels and a new non-stop service from Stockholm and Copenhagen to Phuket.

Simultaneously, the Hellenic sovereign debt crises have prompted the THAI to discontinue its service to Athens. Part of THAI's wider expansion policy in the area, THAI started a local airline with lightweight passenger service, Thai Smiles, which operates on small fuselage Airbus A320-200 flights on both national and international lines. THAI signed a promotion contract with the Southern Korea based popular group Girls' Generation in July 2015, among others with a performance in the musical clip of their track "Party".

Also in July 2015 THAI announces the scheduled cessation of services to Los Angeles after October 25, 2015. The THAI is one of the few airline companies with a unified in-flight modification strategy. Mannequins on overseas flights must dress in Thai clothes (as seen on the company's promotional campaigns) before the general passenger embarkation from their violet uniforms (for use outside the cabin).

Consequently, Thai clothing is only available to the travelling audience on THAI airplanes or in THAI's luxury lounge in Bangkok. The cabin crews of nationals other than Thais may not carry Thai clothing. Thai Airways' most important recent trend is shown below (figures by year): In the past THAI Airways had the Boeing customer code D7.

A Boeing 747-400, for example, which the company ordered directly from Boeing Commercial Airplanes, was encoded with Boeing 747-4D7. Retirement of 11 obsolete aircrafts, distribution of 12 state-approved them. 35 obsolete aircrafts will be phased out, 11 already licensed aircrafts will be delivered and 33 new aircrafts will be purchased, of which 26 will be next-generation widebody aircrafts and 20 will be Airbus A320s.

2018-2022: Departure of the 747 and about 777 and procurement of 15 next-generation wide-body aircrafts as replacements. Considerations for the purchasing of new narrowbody aircrafts on the Samui-Tour. The THAI operates three maintenace centres at U-Tapao International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport. These centres also serve THAI aircrafts and aircrafts of other carriers.

The THAI Royal Silk or Royal Orchid Loungees are available to THAI's top quality customers in various national and multinational locations. THAI's Royal Orchid Spas are situated at Suvarnabhumi Airport and are developed to provide Royal First and Royal Silk customers with a comprehensive offering of spas at Bangkok's airport gateway at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and those travelling from Bangkok to Royal Silk or Royal First are also eligible for personal safety and pass controls and free spas at the Royal Orchid Spas, which vary according to the level of travel.

This service is not available to non-premium-sellers. THAI's first-class Bangkok groundhandling service also provides personal transport within the airport terminals for first-chasers. THAI has been offering the check-in service at the Bangkok City Air Station at Makkasan Station since 4 January 2011. Rail traffic is handled via the Airport Rail Link (Bangkok).

However, Bangkok City Air Terminal has closed down. The Royal Orchid Plus is THAI's frequency airline programme. 71 ] There are two kinds of mileage that can be collected with a Royal Orchid Plus account: EQM on THAI and its affiliates and Star Alliance partners[72] and QM are the mileage traveled and the award points accumulated when traveling in certain THAI and Star Alliance airline categories.

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