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Any reviews smooth as silk bangkok airport Thai food royal orchid chiang-may flatbed nice food business class passengers the upper deck full-service fish fruit tg smile boeing spa massage Asia sector hospitality. Check Thai Airways fares with other airlines. View Thai Airways flights, routes, maps, monthly prices and find the cheapest flights. Browse Verified Thai Airways customer reviews, view Thai Airways photos, review customer reviews and opinions about Thai Airways standards. Thailand Airways is the national airline of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thai-airways reviews and flight information

From Lahore I went to Bangkok and then to Bangkok to Phuket and went back. I needed a reimbursement for a seat, but it was not available until I got back to Melbourne, although I was at my home base in Bangkok. I' m not flying Thai anymore. Kathmandu is a bit rough at certain times, but not too rough.

Bangkok for free and we only travel with Thai Airways when we do. Air crew is very supportive, kind and courteous. Usually I travel with my Thai airway relatives. Departure 40 minutes too slow, return on schedule. Flying times were altered a few workdays before.

Get in on schedule. Pleasant personnel. We can' ask what else on long-haul flights.

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According to the Thai Bureau of Internal Revenue regulation in the case of entry, any natural or legal persons who have entered as a tax registrant or legal persons must indicate the following item. 6.2 Domicile or branch of the taxable party. You can request the voucher no later than 6 month after the issue of the tickets.

You can only request E-Receipt 5x.

Wherefore do you want to travel with Thai Airways?

Once Thai Airways ran two of the longest non-stop flights in the world: between Bangkok and the USA. THAI was the first Asia-Pacific carrier to fly to London Heathrow. The cabin crew members are wearing violet uniforms on the floor and different clothes for onboard service: the women are wearing Thai clothes while the men are wearing different overalls.

Thai-airways is sponsoring the Thai Football Association and is also an offical sponsoring partner of Red Bull Racing. The on-line check-in begins 24 hrs before take-off and ends two hrs before take-off. Thai-airways also offers the possibility of handing in via its website. The free luggage depends on distance and category.

Passenger Royal Silk Class (Business) can carry up to 30 kg baggage, economists 20 kg, baby laps 10 kg, members of ROP Gold and Star Alliance Gold 20 kg more and ROP Silver members 10 kg more on TG sector.

Overcharged luggage will be charged for those overweight. Economical seating distance tends to all between 31" and 34", giving the passenger plenty of room to extend their feet. The legroom for corporate travellers ranges from 37"-38" on the Airbus A300-600 to a full 87" on the Boeing 777-300ER.

The distance between seats for first-class travellers begins at 76" in the A340-600 aircraft and increases to a remarkable 85" in the Boeing 747-400. The Thai friendliness is always on the boat. Fist classmates are welcomed with a cup of bubbly and the gastronomic menus are offered at a moment selected by each of them.

Businessmen also get gastronomic food serviced in restaurants on china platters with glass. Economical customers also profit from a free cash and a delicious dinner with an Asiatic or West German special. Thai-airways prides itself on the fact that its economical fare could exceed any other airline's business-class fare.

Thai-airways is pretty on time. Our ratings are evaluated on the basis of users' feedbacks about: pricing accuracy, pricing, customer support and the usability of the provider's website.

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