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Detailed profile of Texas City, Texas. Explore Texas City, Texas with the help of your friends. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Massachusetts City is a city in Galveston County, Texas. Texas City is situated on the southwestern coast of Galveston Bay and is a bustling deep water harbour on the Texas Gulf Coast as well as a centre for oil exploration and production. It had a 45,099 inhabitants at the 2010 survey, making it the third biggest city in Galveston County, behind League City and Galveston.

In 1947, the city was the site of a large blast that devastated the harbour and almost devastated the city. In 1891, three bottlenose hunter found that a place on Galveston Bay, commonly known as Shoal Point, had the capacity to become an important harbour. The Shoal Point was established in the 1830' when Texas Revolution vets (1835-1836) received ground for their work.

Upon their return to Duluth, they founded the Myers Brothers Syndicate and persuaded other depositors to invest in the purchase of 10,000 hectares of Galveston Bay facade, complete with Shoal Point. Changed the name of the area to Texas City. Sent to Texas City in 1913 to protect the Gulf Coast from attacks during the Mexican Revolution, the second division of the U.S. Army stored nearly half of the nation's ground forces there because of the perception of dual danger that the Mexican Revolution might radiate across the frontier, or that the neighbouring state might become a close alliance with Germany in the beginning of World War II.

Combat operations also involved the First Aero Division, and the Wright Brethren were training over a dozen troops as combat airmen, making Texas City substantially the nativity site of what became the United States Air Force, as the city asserts at its memorial to the nativity site of the Air Force in Bay Street City Park.

Velocity and range record were established by skilled pilot and aircraft who flew from the improvised Texas City airbase. The Texas City is home to the Texas City Dyke, an artificial wave breaker made of boulders of Granite in the 1930' s that was initially developed to prevent the lower Houston Ship Channel from getting silted up.

Known among the local people as "the longest artificial fishermen' jetty in the world", the dyke stretches about 8 km south-east to the estuary of Galveston Bay. Schoolchildren and city dwellers drawn to the smokes also perished, and whole block of houses near the harbour were demolished.

Galveston residents, 23 kilometers away, were brought to their knees. What? Texas City is widely considered to be the basis of US contingency plans. As Monsanto and other works devoted themselves to reconstruction, the city finally recuperated quite well from the crash. There are still a number of oil and gas companies in the same Texas City area.

It has often called itself "the city that would not die", a nickname whose precision was to be re-tested in the early September 2008 Hurricane Ike attack on the area. 23 March 2005, the city experienced another blast at a BP on-site petroleum plant (formerly Amoco), killing 15 people and injuring over 100.

9 ] The BP plant in Texas City is the third biggest petroleum mill in the United States, employs over 2,000 workers, processes 460,000 barrel (73,000 m³) of raw petroleum daily, and produces about 4% of the country's total petroleum output. Throughout Galveston County, even in the wide-spread destructions wrought by the winds and waves associated with Ike, Texas City was largely unaffected by the devastations inflicted on other low-lying areas.

The city is largely encircled by a 27-kilometer dike system constructed in the early sixties after the disastrous flooding of Hurricane Carla in 1961. Along with several Archimedean screw pumping substations situated in various locations on the northeastern outskirts of the city adjacent to Galveston, Dollar Bay and Moses Lake, the dyke and pumping system may have protected the city from the severe ravages of the Ike strong avalanche.

The damages in the city were largely confined to those due to the strong wind and rainfall of Ike. From Sunday, September 14, 2008, the morning after the land fall, Texas City's Stingaree Stadium High-School Football Center was used as a residential and resettlement area for people who had been evacuated by Black Hawk National Guard choppers from neighboring municipalities such as Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island.

In addition, the American Red Cross opened an aid and materials centre in the city on the Monday 15th of September mornings. Texas City dyke was surmounted by a more than 3.7 metre high tidal wave when Hurricane Ike swept through the area in the early mornings of Saturday, September 13, 2008.

Even though all structures, pillars and the dyke street were demolished, the dyke itself eroded the wind. For three years, the dyke was blocked, while the street and ancillary structures were reconstructed. The Texas City office is situated at 29°24?? 94°56?N?W / 29. This is 16 km to the north-west of Galveston and 60 km to the south-east of Houston.

The official height of Texas City is 10 ft above sealevel, although some areas are even lower. Southerly and western the country is a shallow coastline. The northern edge of Texas City is bordered by Moses Lake, which is supplied by Moses Bayou, a fresh water river. Galveston Bay, which borders the city to the eastern side.

At the time of the census[1] in 2000, 41,521 persons, 15,479 homes and 10,974 homes were living in the city. Breed composition of the city was 60. There were 26 inhabitants in the city. Average incomes for a budget in the city were $35,963, and for a single member of the community $42,393.

Per capita revenue for the city was $17,057. Texas City's economic base has long been built on industrial activity, particularly maritime activities in the port of Texas City and oil and chemical oil sourcing. 14 ] The Texas City Industrialplex is a leading centre of the chemical industries. Inside this facility, Marathon's Galveston Bay Raffinerie is the second biggest oil mill in Texas and the third biggest in the United States.

15 ][16] The harbor of Texas City became the third largest harbor in Texas by tons and the 9th in the state. In recent years, urban designers have sought to diversity the business sector into the tourist, healthcare and many other areas. As early as 1974, Texas City was placed on the top ten of the EPA Super Fund EPA Top Ten Index.

Powered by the Texas City / Texas City Terminal Railway, the Texas City Terminal Railway is the eight biggest harbor in the United States and the third biggest in Texas, with a water-borne net weight of over 78 million tonnes. Texas City Terminal Railway Company provides an important shore connection to the harbor and handles over 25,000 wagonloads annually.

Texas City Port's private harbour status has been supported by its stockholders, the railway companies Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, whose links enable a rapid exchange of transport. The largest part of Texas City is supervised by the Texas City Independent School District, which has four primary classes for K-4: Kohfeldt Elementary, Roosevelt Wilsonlementary, Heights Elementary and Guajardo Primary.

The Texas City High School serves the TCISD part of Texas City. The Our Lady of Fatima Ecole, a primary Catholic Rome college in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, is situated in Texas City[3]. Carver Park, Godard Park and Holland Park are other large city park. At the heart of Texas City's historic Heritage Square is the former home of one of the city's founding daddies, Frank B. Davison, on 109 3rd Ave.

N, only two third of a mile due west of the Texas City dyke position. Presented by the Texas City Museum with the help of the Texas City Historical Association, the Davison Home is a Victorian-style house completed in 1897 and the place where the first baby was conceived in the new Texas City town.

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