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Texas is a city in Bowie County, Texas, USA, in the Ark-La-Tex region. It' a twin town with neighboring Texarkana, Arkansas. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] The railways quickly recognized the potential of this huge area, and in the later 1850' the Cairo and Fulton Railroad constructors pushed their route constantly over Arkansas. Until 1874 they traversed the Red River and arrived at the Texas State Line. From February 16 to March 19, 1874, between the Texas frontier and the Red River, between February 16 and March 19, 1874, a train operated from where passenger and cargo were transported to Fulton to travel by train.

Red River Bridge was opened on March 20, 1874, and since then there have been direct train services from Texarkana to St. Louis. Texas and Pacific Railroad led via Texas to Arkansas State Line. Texas and the Pacific auctioned the first plots for the prospective Texas on December 8, 1873.

Whoever gave Texarkana his name is not known. It borders to the south on Texarkana, Arkansas, and to the south on Nash and Wake Village, Texas. The United States Census Bureau reports that the Texas metropolitan area is 29.5 sq. m. (76.3 km2), of which 29 is the largest.

The town is about 180 leagues north east of Dallas. Analyzing the damaged radars showed that two heavy lightning strikes hit each other on the southern side of the town. Storm clashed in an area just south of downtown Texarkana. At the time of the 2010 census[1], 37,679 persons, 13,569 homes and 8,941 family members were living in the town.

Breed composition of the town was 59. O5% Afro-Americans, 0. 34% Indians, 0. 73% Asians, 0. 05% Pacific Islanders, 1. 43% of other breeds and 1. 22% of two or more breeds. Inside the town, the age structure of the populace was 26 years. Average incomes for a budget in the town were $29,727, and for a single member of the community $39,119.

Per capita revenue for the town was $17,815. Texarkana's most prosperous area is Pleasant Grove, where the average wage is $49,562 for each home and the average for a single member of the Texarkana community is $57,219 in 2013. The 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the city[12] states that the city's best jobs are those of its employers:

In Texarkana are Texas A&M University-Texarkana, a four-year subsidiary of Texas A&M University System, and Texarkana college, a joint university. Texas is the seat of the American Baptist Association, the largest theological Baptist missionary church in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Although the town has been democratically historic, Texarkana is currently held by Republicans in both Texas State Legislature buildings.

Gary VanDeaver, State Representative, is representing the Texas House 1 County Area. Texarkana belongs to the Fourth Congress Division of Texas, which is currently headed by the Republican John Ratcliffe. Situated on the state border of Arkansas-Texas, the Bundesgerichtsgebäude (which also houses the postal service in the inner city[17]) is the only Bundesamtgebäude ("Federal Court Building") that bridges a state border.

The regional airport of Texarkana is situated in Texarkana, Arkansas, and operates general and American Eagle services to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The Texarkana Union Station is situated in the center of Texarkana along the state border, with Amtrak connections to Los Angeles via Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and El Paso and to Chicago via Little Rock and St. Louis.

Texarkana Urban Transit District offers coach connections to important parts of the country on nine different itineraries. Intermstate 30 runs through Texarkana in the northern direction. The 151 bend in the western part of the twinned towns is part of the Texarkana bend, a three-quarter bend around the western, southern and eastern parts of the twinned towns, with the I-30 terminating the bend in the northern part.

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