At Tewkesbury we are a town and community in Gloucestershire, England. The Tewkesbury is a historic town by the river in Gloucestershire. The Tewkesbury Abbey, medieval streets and a traditional main street full of independent shops. About life in Tewkesbury County. The Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, England website.

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The Tewkesbury ( TEWKS-b?r-ee) is a municipality in Gloucestershire, England... It gives its name to the municipality of Tewkesbury, of which the city is the second biggest city. Situated in the far northern part of the earldom, it is part of the Worcestershire boundary. Tewkesbury comes from Theoc, the name of a Saxon who established a sanctuary there in the seventh millennium and was known as Theocsbury in Old English.

Tewkesbury Battle, which took place on 4 May 1471, was one of the crucial fights of the Rose War. Tudor has many remarkable medieval Tudor monuments, but its main glory comes from Tewkesbury Abby, a beautiful Norman abbatial chapel that was initially part of a convent that was rescued from the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII after it was purchased by the citizens for the cost of tin on the rooftop to be used as a vicarage chapel.

However, the abbey mill is still preserved and rests on the Avon mill, a canal supposedly constructed by the friars. The canal is one of the largest works in the story of Tewkesbury, although today's dam was constructed in the 1990s and replaces two lock doors erected in the 1960s. Abbey Mill is also sometimes known as "Abel Fletcher's Mill", but this is just the name given to it in Dinah Craik's novel John Halifax, Gentleman, whose musical version of Norton Bury is inspired by Tewkesbury (see the Tewkesbury section of the literature below).

It is said that the monastery is the place where the recluse Theoc once used to live. The Tewkesbury is claiming Gloucestershires oldest publicly owned building, the Black Bear, from 1308,[7] even though it is currently shut down and its futures as a public place are inconclusive. Other noteworthy landmarks include the Royal Hop Pole Hotel on Church Street (recently transformed into part of the Wetherspoons range, with the recent invention of a former mediaeval ballroom in the building), referred to in Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers, the Bell Hotel, a large half-timbered building opposite the Abbey Gateways, and the House of the Nodding Gables on High Street.

Abbey huts adjoining Tewkesbury Abbey were constructed between 1410 and 1412. The buildings were refurbished from 1967 to 1972 by the Abbey Lawn Trust, a non-profit organisation for the protection of buildings. Tewkesbury City Council reconstructed the structure in the 1970' in its 1720s state. Further refurbished and reinterpreted by the Abbey Lawn Trust in 2015, it serves as a location for a wide range of arts and culture activities.

Tewkesbury Borough Council manages the graveyard. In the western part of the city is Thomas Telford's stunning Mythe River Crossing over the Severn River, a 170-foot cast-iron construction opened in 1826. Tewkesbury's other remarkable landmark is the King John's Bridges across the Avon River, constructed of rock and contracted by King John at the end of the twelfth centuries as part of the upgrading of the major Gloucester to Worcester route.

On the northern side, the old brickwork can still be seen; the viaduct was enlarged in the middle to the end of the fifties in order to cope with the demands of transport. Tewkesbury City is situated within the Non-Metropolitan County of Gloucestershire and is part of the Tewkesbury Urban Area. The Tewkesbury Town, Wheatpieces and Northway communities make up the Tewkesbury Urban Area.

Tewkesbury Town is the biggest municipality in the city and is home to the Deveraux Centre, Tewkesbury Community Hospital, Tewkesbury Leisure Centre, Tewkesbury Borough Council Public Services Centre and the major commercial areas. Tewkesbury Borough Council (not to be mixed up with Tewkesbury Borough, which has a larger area than Tewkesbury Town) has 16 members from the city's 4 stations with Mitton, Newtown, Priors Park and Mythe, who are voted every four years.

Tewkesbury Mayor Christine Danter is the Council Mayor's Offices and heads the Council sittings. A deputy mayor is also appointed by the Council to assist the mayor in his tasks and often assumes the post of mayor the following year. Founded in 1974 after the liquidation of the Tewkesbury Municipality, the Council remains on the same site and retains the same bourgeois function within the city.

After the 2019 local elections, the city council will remain composed of 16 members who represent three stations of Tewkesbury North, Tewkesbury South and Newtown. Tewkesbury Borough Councils are now divided into the new Borough of Tewkesbury North with Twyning, Tewkesbury South and Tewkesbury East.

Tewkesbury and Tewkesbury East Gloucestershire County Council departments will remain unaffected by the new county boundaries of city and local government. The Tewkesbury is also served by the Tewkesbury Borough Council and Gloucestershire County Council. The Tewkesbury is part of the Tewkesbury electoral region for the Lower House of Parliament election and in the European Parliament as part of the South West of England electoral region in the European Parliament.

The Local Governments Act 1972 established a new District Council consisting of Tewkesbury District before 1974, Cheltenham Rural District and parts of Gloucester Rural District. The Royal Charter for the granting of district status was issued on 27 February 1973 and entered into force on 1 April 1974. On the basis of this charter, the municipality appoints a mayor and a deputy mayor, which means that there are two mayors representing Tewkesbury at different levels of governance.

Tewkesbury District Mayor is the first Tewkesbury District Bürger and the City Mayor is the first city Mayor. Below is a list of the mayors of Tewkesbury between 1836 and 1973. Both Tewkesbury Borough and Tewkesbury Town Council nominated the District Mayor and Mayor respectively after 1973.

Figure 1: Tewkesbury Mayor between 1836 and 1973. Ashchurch is serving Tewkesbury for Tewkesbury train terminal. Birmingham and Gloucester railways opened the first train terminal in 1840 on High Street. In 1864 it was substituted by a new train terminal for the Tewkesbury and Malvern railways.

of Tewkesbury, referred to in Shakespeare's piece Richard III. Raimond Priestley, who was a geographer on Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole cruise, survived one of the sledges used on this cruise to the former Tewkesbury High School (ca. 1576 - 1972). It'?s now in the Tewkesbury School's Humanities complex.

The Tewkesbury Senf, a mixture of vinegar and horse radish, made the village renowned in the seventeenth centuries and is being restored. Tewkesbury is home to the Spunge spunk ska-punk group. The Tewkesbury town band (a wind band) play on-site, tour abroad and take part in contests. The Tewkesbury Market is located on one of the parking lots in the city center on Saturdays and Saturdays.

Every three months there is a farmers' meeting near Tewkesbury Abbey. The second full week-end in July the city will host the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, "Europe's biggest slaughter festival and fair". Travelling from all over the globe, reenactors from all over the globe come to the city to recreate the battles of Tewkesbury near the ancient battlefield.

Viktorian writer Dinah Craik (1826-1887) paid a visit to Tewkesbury in 1852 and later used her most celebrated work John Halifax, Gentleman (publ. 1857) in the city and called it Norton Bury in the work. There' s a Craik House on Church Street, near the abbey, but Mrs Craik never used to live there and had no other link to Tewkesbury.

A monument to her can be found in the Abbey's southern transverse house. The writer John Moore (1907-1967) was a native of Tewkesbury and was a resident there. His novel Portrait of Elmbury (pub. 1945) was written as a "fictionalized biography" of Tewkesbury, where the city is the "Elmbury" of the work. A. E. Housman's A Shropshire Lad also mentioned Tewkesbury and Bredon Hill, although there is no place in Shropshire.

Richard III's opening scenes, filmed in 1995, take place at King Henry's Field Headquarters in Tewkesbury. Henri Disston - businessman - b. 1819 in Tewkesbury. Harold Robert Compton - Southern Africa based naturalist - b. 1886 in Tewkesbury. The Kathleen Hawkins writer was a Tewkesbury native in 1883. Tewkesbury, 1900.

Henri Green - Authors - b. 1905 in Tewkesbury. Anne Ford - newsreader and TV host - Tewkesbury, 1943. Johnny Moore - novelist - b. 1907 in Tewkesbury. Mr Raymond Priestley - researcher, teacher, Antarctic researcher - native and trained in Tewkesbury. Éunice Spry - satirical guardian and object of a high-profile case - was living in Tewkesbury.

The Tewkesbury has one of the 471 King George's Fields as a recreational area. Tewkesbury Town FC has three men's crews in the Cheltenham leagues on Saturday, two crews in the Evesham Birdseye Sunday leagues, a veteran squad for over 35 years in the Gloucestershire North County League and organises women's week-long practice to prepare for the start of a 2014/15 year.

Tewkesbury cricket crew 1ère 11 ème è 11 è, spielt in der Glos/wilts Division der West of England Premier League. Tewkesbury AC runs at various races, locally, nationally and internationally. The Tewkesbury School facility is used as a community sport center for swim, gymnastics, squash and other types of sport.

Tewkesbury Turf Bowling Club is playing in the men's and women's league of Tewkesbury Turf in Goucestershire. The Tewkesbury Borough is a partnership with Miesbach in Bavaria, Germany. 18 ] Tewkesbury Town has been partnering with Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, United States of America since 2003. Tewkesbury Borough Council - Statistics filed on July 18, 2011 at the Wayback Machine.

1563-1624 (Stroud, Gloucester: 1994) aii. William Shakespeare's familial origins go back to Tewkesbury. Ashchurch and Tewkesbury District Rail Promotion Group". Commons Wikimedia has related Tewkesbury related news outlets.

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