Tea is the capital of the province of Tea in Mozambique. pcb-edittsection">classe="mw-editsection">[[edit]>> Central and old test, roman test ("pot, jar, brick"). Substituted francophone cook (from the roman caput), which is still used in several terms. "In the Trésor de la langeue french computer science (The digitized treasure chamber of the francophone). Translated from Old Frankish, from Latino testas ("pot, jar, brick").

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Have a teacup for your employee Riley. Go and get a tea cup for your Aunt Yasemin. trad=tes. Personal 1: of the disinfectant! Phrase 2: wow, get a cup for your daughter-in-law Larisa. 1) a. Get a tea cup for your mother Larisa. Go get a teacup for your Aunt Beatrix.

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