An abnormal fetus with inadequate, redundant, misguided or deformed parts. teras. plural terata \?ter-?t-?

\ : an organism (as a fetus) that is highly abnormal in its structure due to genetic or developmental causes. Tera's definition: a monstrosity of meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. You are welcome to the Teras Lounge.

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Headquartered in Teras Resources Inc. Welcome to Teras Resources

The Teras Resources missions are to enhance investor value by applying solid science to the development and prospecting of high value grade bullion and basic metals property in North America. In order to accomplish its missions, Teras is committed to extending its ground by setting and acquiring prospecting goals for the discovery of precious and basic metals in well-known production areas in North America.

He will continue his acquisition with NI 43-101 conforming engineering reporting drill and explore work.

Category Logistic and technical assistance for the market place off-shore

At present, we have one of the biggest and youngest ballastless ships in the world to meet growing off-shore demands throughout Asia. Our pool is complemented by the advanced lift boat or jack-up platform classes to meet special off-shore needs. It was also one of the pioneers in the use of the self-propelled multi-purpose liftboat to offer a multifunctional and cost-efficient solutions for the South East Asia and gradually global power market.

Teras Cargo Transport Pte Ltd, Teras Cargo Transport (America) LLC, Teras Cargo Transport (PNG) Ltd, Teras Queensland Pty Ltd, Foss Teras Marine LLC and Teras Global Pte Ltd, among others.

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