The town Teplice, formerly Teplice-?anov, German Teplice-Schönau, town, northwest Czech Republic, on a rocky promontory below the Ore Mountains. Spá plice is in the process of being a big step ahead. Big savings on hotels in Teplice, Czech Republic online.

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Look at other places called Teplice. The Teplice (Czech pronunciation: [?t?pl?ts?]); Teplice-?anov until 1948 (Czech pronunciation:[?t?pl?ts? ??anof]; German: Teplitz-Schönau) is a town in the Ústí area of the CR, the capitol of Teplice County. The Teplice is situated in northern Bohemia, near the Saxony frontier.

Located in the Bílina riverbank in the south east, about 15 km from Ústí nad Labem, between the hillsides of the Ore Mountains in the northeast and the Central Bohemian Plateau (?eské st?edoho?í). Teplice itself, Prosetice, Nová Ves, ?etenice, Hudcov, Trnovany and Sob?druhy are part of the municipality.

The Teplice is a figure in the 30 Years' War when it was owned by the Protestant Bohemian nobleman Vilém Kinský, who was murdered together with Generalissimo Albrecht von Wallenstein in Cheb in 1634. Afterwards the Habsburg Kaiser Ferdinand II lent the palace and city to his general Johann von Aldringen, who was nevertheless murdered in the same year in war. Teplice passed to his Sr. Anna Maria von Clary-Aldringen.

Until 1945, Teplice Castle was mainly the residence of the dynasty of Clary-Aldringen. In August 1813, during the Napoleonic War of the Sixth League, Teplice was the place where Emperor Franz I of Austria, Emperor Alexander I of Russia and King Frederick William III of Prussia first entered into the Tripartite League against Napoleon I of France, which resulted in the Battle of Kulm's close neighbour.

1895 Teplice merges with the neighboring Lázn? ?anov (Schönau). Teplice was annihilated with Sudetenland by Nazi Germany according to the Munich Agreement of 1938 and integrated into a Reichsgau. Simultaneously, the prosecution and eviction of the Jews began with the destruction of the once biggest synagogue in Bohemia on March 14, 1939 and ended with the transportation of the rest to Theresienstadt and their destruction in Auschwitz.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Czech-Slovak authorities issued the Bene? Decree, after which the German-speaking minority of the Teplice citizens was driven out. The Princes of Clary-Aldringen, from 1634 to 1634 the Princes of Teplice, were dispossessed in 1945. Jaroslav Kubera was appointed by the Democratic Mayor's Party (ODS) as Teplice's major in 1994.

In Teplice the FK Teplice pro soccer team plays in the Gambrinus League. Remarkable gamers of the association are Josef Masopust and Pavel Verbí? Wagner began to compose the tunes to his Tannhäuser during a holiday in Teplice in the south of 1843. "In honour of the fifteenth United States Air Force pilot who were killed in the air raids around Teplice in 1944-1945.

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