Temporal" can refer to time, or to material existence and secularity, or to the temple in anatomy. You will find below a list of uses. of or in connection with secular as opposed to spiritual or religious matters, the masters spiritual and temporal. for a relatively short time. grammar of or in connection with time or the linguistic expression of time usually a temporal adverb.

Temporality, a less common word, also means having limited time, and it rhymes with mortality! ("temporal limits" also imply "this earth" - temporal limits keep us from flying around the clouds, but spiritual beings can hiss at will. "in Xavier Varela Barreiro & Xavier Gómez Guinovart:

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The temporal existance is often in contrast with the sacred existance, which many faiths call perpetlast. There is a division of state from the churches in the US system of governance - that is, a division of ecclesiastical and temporal authorities. Over the past few hundred years, the Roman Catholic faith has exercised temporal sovereignty - that is, in large parts of Europe, and the English faithful have always been formally led by the temporal sovereign of Britain.

Temporally is not always used in the context of religion; for example, pediatric psycologists often assess "temporal processing" - the rate of thought - in the case of mentally challenged people. Notice that temporal can also mean "near the temple (head)"; therefore the temporal lobe of your brains are located at your temple. This temporal, however, is rooted in another Roman city.

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Check out Wiktionary, the free online glossary. Temporal " can relate to the temporal, or to the physical presence and the secular, or to the temporal structure in evolution. A temporal sentence, a kind of addictive adverbal sentence that indicates the moment of an act, e.g. "She spoke to her sister[while I was on the phone]".


from or in relation to the times. in relation to the present or to this earthly existence; secular: temporal pleasures. only for a period of elaps.; transient; transient (in contrast to eternal). Grammar. of, in relation to or expression of time: a temporal adjective, such as recent, or a temporal adverb, such as recent. of or in relation to the temporal forms of an verse. of or in contrast to church. usually nomen. temporal. a temporal property, bequest or the like; temporality. something that is temporal; a temporal issue or scandal.

The term is derived from, in relation to or near the temporal or temporal bones. one of several parts in the temporal area, especially the temporal bones. 1535-45; Spätlatein -, The Pharisees had to ally with the worldly forces. It was the devotion to temporal rule that ruined the Church of Rome.

Her temporal worries have aroused her mental energy. Amelia seemed to take a long pause until she woke up again to things of temporal importance. In the mid-14cth, "secular, secular", later "of the times, temporal, earthly, earthy " (late 14c.), "temporary, only for a period of time" (late 14c.), of old-French temporal, of Romantempalis " of the times, temporarily ", oftemppus ( "time, seasons, self or seasons, " temporal of uncertainty.

Adj. of, related to or near the temple of the cranium. Related to or near the bone forming the sides and part of the cranial basis.

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