Temperature of Yangon

Yangon temperature

High and low temperature Yangon Extended Forecast. Water temperature measurements in Rangoon, Yangon, are provided by NOAA's daily satellite measurements. It was the capital of the Yangon region in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Burma is a large country and temperatures can vary greatly. The following is a table with average temperatures, humidity and hours of sunshine for Yangon.

Weather in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon region forecast

Myanmar winters last from November to February, the hottest seasons from March to May and the wet seasons from late May to late October. The wet period is from May to October. Nevertheless, the overall amount of precipitation per year is only about 250 cm. Winters are the best part of the year to come to Yangon.

The temperature can drop to 16°C and the chance of precipitation is low.

A relatively uncommon climatic feature is the tropic moon climatic conditions, sometimes also known as tropic humid climates or tropic monthly and passat winds litoral climates in the area.

A relatively uncommon climatic species is the tropic moon climatic, sometimes also known as the tropic humid climatic or the tropic mono- and passat winds litoral one. The average temperature of the tropic Monsun is over 18°C (64°F) every single months of the year and, like the typhoon Savannah, has humid and arid season.

In contrast to the savannah temperature in the tropics, less than 60 mm of rainfall falls in the dryest months of a tropic monsun. Even a tropic moon tends to observe less temperature fluctuations during the year than a tropic savannah clim. It is the dryest weather in the world, almost always on or shortly after the "winter solstice" for this side of the world.

Köppenâ??s classification for this type of environment is â??Amâ?. Tropical monsoon weather. Yangon has an annual temperature of 27.8°C (82.0°F) on averages. April is the hottest months with an avarage temperature of 31.1°C (88.0°F). January is the coldest months with an avarage temperature of 25°C (77.0°F).

Highest temperature registered in Yangon is 106.0°F (41.1°C), which was registered in April. Minimum temperature in Yangon is 54.0°F (12.2°C), which was measured in January. Rainfall averages 147.0 rains per day, with most rainfall in July (28.0 days) and least in January (1.0 days).

There are 147.0 rainy rains on mean with most of them in July (28.0 days) and the least in January (1.0 days).

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