Temperature in Yangon now

Yangon temperature now

Burma is a large country and temperatures can vary greatly. These data indicate the temperature of coastal surface water in Yangon. It was the capital of the Yangon region in Myanmar, also known as Burma. May weather is quite humid with rain from time to time. To view average temperatures and precipitation charts for some of the major centers in Myanmar, click here.

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Oktoberwetter and clothes? As we know it is the end of the monsoon, we know we need to wear damp clothes, but what temperature during the days and nights are we likely to reach? A few exact dates of the people who were there at the end of the monsoon will be very useful.

Oktoberwetter and clothes? Bumping because I am also interested to listen to it and try to really easily travels. I' m there 11-26 Oct (Yangon, Bagan, Inle) and just wanted to take one of these lightweight umbrellas and buy an earthenware canopy. Do I need more equipment than that? Oktoberwetter and clothes?

Oktober Wetter and attire? Thought that I will take a real water resistant, but with the initial scheme of umbrellas and umbrellas, I like to wear a dress, when it is warm in the morning, put in pairs of tights for down in the morning, and a tan.

Oktoberwetter and clothes?

Actual seawater temperature in Yangon

These figures indicate the temperature of Yangon's coastline waters. In addition to the temperature of the waters, you can also find out about the current, future and coming surfing conditions, sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset dates at a given time on a given date. On the basis of our historic ten-year dates, the hottest ocean in Yangon that date was 28°C/82°F and the colder 27°C/81°F.

This figure shows the mean temperature of the Yangon waters per month. Please comment on this place (water qualitiy, www.atl, services etc.): Long range temperature projections are tending to be inaccurate. Instead, you can use our comprehensive historical information to verify the temperature of the waters on that date over a ten-year time frame.

The results will give you a fairly precise picture of the mean temperature of the lake on that particular date. The Yangon temperature is monthly: Yangon temperature in FebruaryYangon temperature in FebruaryYangon temperature in MarchYangon temperature in AprilYangon temperature in MayYangon temperature in JuneYangon temperature in JulyYangon temperature in AugustSeptember temperature Yangon temperature in SeptemberOctober temperature Yangon temperature in NovemberYangon temperature in DecemberIf you have interesting pictures of this place, you can download them here.

The Yangon Survey is based on satelite imagery along with in-situ observation to provide the most accurate day-to-day information of ocean temperature, ocean temperature, windsurfing forecast, temperature and meteorological forecast.

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