Temperature in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar temperature

Weather in Yangon Myanmar (Burma), average. Yangon's climate history with monthly averages for temperature, rainfall and wind. The forecast shows the local time for Yangon. The Yangon is considering new measures to reduce congestion in the city. Mean temperature in Yangon per month.

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Mean Meteorological and Temperature in Rangoon (Yangon) in June 2018 | Myanmar

Rangoon (Yangon)'s June weather can be described as warm, moist and very soaked. It is usually the fifth hottest of the year in Rangoon (Yangon) in June. The daily highs are on averaging 87°F (30°C), while 76°F (25°C) is typical at noon.

June is on general the third wetest of the year in Rangoon (Yangon) with about 567mm 22.3 inch rains, which makes it a very humid one. The precipitation is usually distributed over 28 nights, but can differ greatly. At the same timeframe, this is equivalent to an annual mean of 4.7 hrs of sunlight per diurn.

They are a good forecast for the June 2018 forecast.

May weather in Yangon, Myanmar 2018

Yangon in May is affected by the tropical monsoon climat. If you are travelling to Yangon in May, you can expect: thunderstorms, almost every single days rains, rare heavy hails and heavy weathers. During the whole of May you should be prepared for the heatwave with good conditions and temperatures at 37?

The warm climate is very hazardous for kids and older persons. Extremely high UV index, which is in May (11) and you should take all precautions: Do not expose yourself to the heat of the day to the heat of the day within three afternoons! but it is important to consider the possibilities of thunderstorms and rain.

Meteorological incidents that may arise during the journey to Yangon: 10 x (thunderstorm), 15 x (rain), less than 1 x (hail), Yangon in May experienced hot weather with very cloudy skies. The temperature usually varies around 33 and the breeze is slightest. The best holiday season in Yangon 2018.

Verify the temperature curve in May: It is possible to make a comparison of how the temperature is formed. Everybody should be ready for rains, hails and thunderstorms. Frequently the best indicator of how pleasant the meteorological condition is for a luff. If you are travelling to Yangon, you should know that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid.

During a normal month of May, the length of the days increases by about 19 mins. Daybreak is May 01 and offers 12 h 44 min sunlight, dawn is 5:41 AM and dusk is 6:25 PM and the longest of the days is May 31 with 13 h 3 min sunlight, dawn is 5:32 AM and dusk is 6:36 PM.

There are 13 light-hour days on avarage in this time. That means that it should be prepared for a totally calm day. May is the best time to describe the climate in May with precipitation, and you should adjust to the mean temperature in May: The best air supply for the cardiac system is 1016HP.

This is the most suitable air moisture when you are most comfortable at a relatively high air moisture level of about 45 per cent. You' re inclined to sense a comedown. Accurate May Yangon day to day forecasts (based on archived meteorological data):

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