Temperature in Yangon in December

Yangon temperature in December

Rainy season is over and it's not that hot. It has not changed significantly for the months of June-August. Yangon bathing season lasts from January to December, twelve months per year! So the best time to visit Burma is the drier winter months from October to March. Weather is cloudy, rainy with hot and humid summers at this time.

From the end of November to mid-December? Myanmar Forum - And Appropriate Clothes

We' ll be in Yangon, through Bagan and trek to Inle. How's the weatherman? After sunrise it gets quite cool in Bagan and also in Inle and stays cool until the day is up and things warm up (around 9:00 am). When you take a cruise on the Inle Sea, you will probably leave early in the day, and the cool breezes and breezes can be freezing chill.

The Inle range is 25-30°C during the days and 10-15°C at nights. When I was there, it went down to 7, and as chill as 4 in Bagan, which seemed to get a chill for many natives! Childbirth doesn't give you a chill. But I know it is not but if your immunity system is weakened because of unbeasonably chilly wheather, and strange tourists come along with their westerly chilly microbes, you can well wager that humans are going to be sick.

In Bagan last December, most storekeepers had cough and cold - I would think of importing germ like many years ago, with few visitors, you never sneezed. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

December weather in Yangon, Myanmar 2018

The tropical monsoon climatic conditions influence December in Yangon. If you are travelling to Yangon in December, you can expect: sparse mist, rare rains and decay. During the whole of December, you should be prepared for the heatwave with harsh meteorological conditions and mean temperatures at 34? Very high Look at the UV index which is in December (8) and you should take precautions:

Normally the first one is the hotter one in December. Meteorological occurrences that may arise during the journey to Yangon: 2 x (fog), 1 x (rain), Yangon in December adventures ý warm and full of sunny outcrops. The temperature usually varies around 32 and the breeze is slightest.

The best holiday season in Yangon 2018. Verify the December temperature curve: The graph shows the dates of the last 10 years. It is possible to make a comparison of how the temperature is formed. In December, the average clouds are about 21%. In fact, December is a rainy mont. Ratio of luminous index varies from 29 (little or no discomfort) to 34 (noticeable discomfort) during a normal December.

Frequently the best indicator of how pleasant the meteorological condition is for a luff. If you are travelling to Yangon, you should know that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid. Above the December average condensation point changes from 18 (OK for most, but everyone senses the moisture at the top) to 21 (somewhat unpleasant for most at the top).

In the course of a regular December, the length of the days decreases by about 4 min. Daybreak is December 22nd and offers 11 h 7 min light, dawn is 6:31 and dusk is 17:38 and the longest days are December 1st with 11 h 12 min light, dawn is 6:19 and dusk is 17:31.

There is an 11-hour daytime lighting available on a monthly basis. In December the windspeed varies between 4 km/h and 5 km/h. That means that it should be prepared for a totally calm day. In December you should adjust to the mean temperature:

Ultraviolet in December is VERY HIGH. Don't remain in the outdoors for too long. The best air presure for the cardiac is 1016 hPa. The air presure is actually lower in December. Accurate December Yangon day to day forecasts (based on archived meteorological data):

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